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Crime Prevention

Nothing can be more devastating and demoralising than to come home to discover that your home has been broken into and violated. The feeling that one would have is unimaginable. To discover someone has been fossicking through your personal items, clothes, jewellery, etc. would make even the most hardened person feel violated and angry.

A lot has been written regarding crime prevention and we also have submitted previous blogs with similar content. The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ rings very true when it comes to the prevention of a break and enter with the intent of stealing and destruction of your family home. There are many steps that you can take within your home to make it significantly more difficult for someone who is intent on preying upon your precious home and goods. Complacency is not something that we should allow in our thought process when it comes to protecting our home, possessions and the possible risk of putting our loved ones in the path of the discovery of a home violation in process. Any steps that can be made to decrease the risk that this may occur should be seen as extremely prudent.

Some of the steps that can help prevent house break-ins are quite obvious and should be obvious to a would-be criminal. Steps such as good quality security doors and security window screens would be a very good place to start. Not only do these offer a high visual deterrent, they also offer a very real and present barrier that would make entry at these points significantly more difficult. They also allow the ability to have windows and doors open for fresh air.

Security lighting in areas that are hidden or dark is also a good idea. The prevention of these areas is also something that can be addressed. In the case of trees that may hide a street view of a door or window should be pruned regularly. Also any removable barriers that would give an opportunity for illegal access should be immediately removed. For example, garden sheds that are close to windows or caravans that are garaged close to the hidden side of the house should be, if possible, placed as far away as practical so as to avoid visual barriers. The more access that your windows and doors have from the street and your neighbours then the less likely that time could be spent to gain illegal entry.

Some of the jewellery that is present in the family home may not represent a large dollar value but can be of irreplaceable sentimental value to the owner. In some cases it may be second- or third-generation jewellery and the owner may have a view to keep this family succession plan in process for many generations to come and therefore the protection of these assets would be paramount. It may be a very good idea to not store items of high value, either of sentimental or monetary, in your home and there are alternatives such as bank safety deposit boxes. You may even consider having a good quality safe installed. This is best done at the time you are building your home; however, it also can be done at a later point. It certainly is not a good idea to leave items such as these in accessible and obvious places.

Proper insurance of these types of items is also a very good idea, although sentimental replacement is not insurable. Whatever steps you can identify to make your home and valuables more protected you should give great attention to implementing. Complacency when it comes to crime prevention of your home is not a great option.

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