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Measuring tapesMeasuring tapes

When measuring your own house for a DIY project such as a Tough Seconline hinged Security Door or Seconline  Fly Screen, accuracy is key to ensuring that your finished product looks and works as intended. Here are some tips to help you achieve accurate measurements:

  1. Ensure good lighting: Make sure you can read the tape measure clearly by having adequate lighting in the room. If necessary, bring in additional lighting to help you see the measurements clearly.

  2. Minimize distractions: Try to minimize any distractions, such as noise or interruptions, so that you can focus on taking accurate measurements. If others are present, politely ask them to avoid distracting you during the measuring process.

  3. Evaluate the door jamb: If you're measuring a hinged door, evaluate the door jamb to see if it's out of square. This will help you use a square and a spirit level to get more accurate measurements. Also, check for any restrictions to full access such as external lights, a rise in the floor, meter boxes, or other restrictions that may impact your measurements.

  4. Determine recess depth: When measuring fly screens or other objects that require a certain depth for installation, use a small steel ruler to determine the recess depth accurately.

  5. Record multiple measurements: If you're measuring multiple objects, such as windows or screens, consider having someone help you record the measurements to ensure accuracy and reduce the risk of error.

  6. Use quality tools: Invest in a good quality tape measure and regularly check its accuracy using a steel ruler. Keep the ruler handy for regular checks, especially if you're using a new tape measure.

  7. Take your time: Measuring accurately is crucial, so take your time and don't rush through the process. If necessary, read the tape measure again to ensure that your measurements are correct before proceeding with your DIY project.

Remember, when you're taking measurements for your own DIY project, it's essential to measure twice and cut once to avoid wasting materials or having to redo your work.

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