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S@!* Did I Lock The Door?

You may be sitting at home, looking at your house and thinking - wow my house is so safe thanks to Seconline. Although let us enlighten you on ways that you can make your home even safer by simply switching a few things here or there and by that, we mean switching a few bad habits. 

You may be the person that always brags about how they live in such a safe neighbourhood, and with this thought in mind, you might just leave your home without locking the doors or windows. Maybe you aren’t that person and you are the one that accidentally forgets here or there. Well, we are about to lay out some horrifying statistics that might leave you running back to the door every time to double check everything is locked. 

After reading up on an article, we were left completely gobsmacked. Participants in the article were asked what their most common method of entry to a home was and we are here to share the facts we learnt from this study.

Did you know that 40% of burglars entered through an unlocked door? That door that you left open, mistakenly, has now become the number one entry point for a potential invader. 35% Broke in through a door or window, 28% through an unlocked window and 20% picking or breaking a lock. 

Now, we know that bad habits can be hard to break, but what’s a little conscious thinking in the greater scheme of things. Take the time to pause before leaving your home and assess if you have locked all the windows and doors of the home. Our top of the line security screens and doors can only do so much to keep your home safe, you have to do your part as well. 

Now for our final check, have you locked the doors and windows before you walked out? Yes, you have? Perfect now you can rest easy knowing your home is completely safe. 

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