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Custom Made Security Doors

Improve the value of your homeImprove the value of your home

When it comes time to increase the level of security on your home or if you happen to open your door this spring and find that your existing screen door is in a state of disrepair then it may be time to investigate the possible options that are available to replace or to install a completely new security door or a security window screen.

Firstly you could go to the local hardware store and perhaps buy a door that was somewhat close to your door measurements, purchase this door and bring it home and install it. Some possible problems that you may encounter with this process may be that it isn't exactly correct in height or width and you may have to either recess the hinges or pack the hinges out so as to minimise or maximise gaps.

Another possible problem you may have is that in most cases standard doors have standard lock heights. This may not be compatible with your existing main solid door lock and you may have to hinge the door on the opposite sides if the actual door handles were to clash. This may not be the end of the world but it may have you facing the opposite direction and may not be the best option. Doors that are purchased at a hardware store are generally made to fit the so-called average door jamb which in my experience is quite rare as nearly all door jambs will vary in widths and height.

Secondly you could engage local security door manufacturers to come to your home and offer you a quote to measure and install. This is possibly the best option as in most cases these people are professional and will measure the door precisely and adjust the manufacturing process to suit your particular application. It will also give you the choice of door handle heights and sides and they can possibly add options such as door closes and bottom bug seals that will make your door significantly more insect proof.

The third option is to buy your security screen door custom made through a website like Seconline. Our customers, if this option is chosen, will have the ability to measure their door based on the guidelines available on the website, then enter these specifications into a cleverly designed online order portal; they will also have the options of adding several different products such as door closes and bottom bug seals as well as different mesh and colour options. After this they are guided through to a safe and secure shopping cart where they can pay for their purchases and have the guarantee that this will be expedited from the factory located inRedhead, Newcastle NSW within seven - ten working days. This product will then be delivered direct to the customer’s door and so the whole process can be carried out without leaving their address and all  via their computer, tablet or mobile smartphone. Installation tips and directions are also available on the Seconline website and support staff are only too happy to answer any questions that may arise during this whole process.

For a custom-made product the third option could be the best to achieve a custom-made product at the best possible price. Our security doors are made to comply with the relevant Australian standards and our cost base is extremely low whilst maintaining a high level of quality control; however, it is not possible for us to do anything other than advise as to individual installation applications and therefore only offer limited warranty upon the actual product itself.

No warranty as to any issues arising from the installation are covered by Seconline. We do strongly advise that customers engage the services of a local licensed installer to install their products and thereby offer the warranty for this installation.

At Seconline we pride ourselves in our customer service and a website that is user friendly and highly informative; if however you require any advice that cannot be found on the site please feel free to contact us 1300 735 405.

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