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Tips for Home Automation

Over the years Seconline have tried to be proactive with new information in regard to protecting our customers’ homes and possessions and have written many blogs to give some general tips to assist. As time moves on and technology improves there are certain improvements that can perhaps assist in adding protection to your home security. Burglaries occur with ever-increasing and persistent regularity. More police and more money spent on our police forces are welcome additions to government budgets as the need for more protection from thieves and burglars increases. The modern-day plague of drugs and drug addiction have spawned a completely new, exponential need for access to money and unfortunately this has come with a rapid rise in home burglaries. Securing your home is something that needs to happen from a very non-apathetic viewpoint and with the addition of some simple steps can go a long way to minimising your home as a possible candidacy for violation by a burglary. There can be nothing more devastating or heartbreaking than to come home after a holiday or a long, hard day's work to find that your home has been possibly ransacked and many of your hard-earned and valuable possessions stolen. The old-age saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ certainly rings true when it comes to home security and a proactive approach is certainly better than a reactive approach.

In the last few years technology has come a long way with home alarms and all kinds of breakthroughs have been possible due to the Internet. Camera technology and digital storage have become very affordable now and even are available to the DIY market and have increased the ability of the homeowner to have constant 24-hour surveillance of their home from an external and an internal viewpoint. Alarms also have been made available in a DIY format that have also allowed the homeowner to access low-cost solutions. Back to base security companies have sprung up and offer a managed solution as well as an ability to be able to upscale in times of your absence or when additional security may be required due to a suspicion of activity in the neighbourhood.

Technology has also come into the home in the form of motorised and remote-controlled blinds and awnings that allow the opening and closing in a timed sequence that would give an impression of occupancy. Nearly all of these products are also available to the DIY market if required; however, to have them controlled via the Internet is possibly a specialised skill. Door locks and window locks can also be automated as well as garaged doors and perimeter gates. Having these controlled to open and close can give the impression that the home is occupied. Automated sprinkler systems and water features can also be installed to be operated two timers and operated remotely. Automatic timers can be set to have radios and televisions and lights appear at certain times. All manner of automation is now available that can happen in the absence of the owner that will create an illusion of occupancy.

A general impression of home occupancy can be a great deterrent for installing a mindset into any would-be thief that was patrolling your neighbourhood with a view to find unoccupied homes particularly in holiday seasons. To create an impression of occupancy is something that we would encourage you to do for your home; however, it will not offer actual physical deterrents if your home is selected by a burglar. Security doors and security window screens offer a much higher level of visual security and will also give you a much greater feeling of security both when you are within the home and when you are away from the home. Having the ability to have windows and doors open during the warmer months for fresh air is something that will also give an impression that the home is occupied and while at this point are not able to be cost effectively operated remotely will certainly say to any thief that has a vision of violating your home that it is significantly more difficult and may make them reconsider their devious plans.

Seconline have a variety of security screen doors and security window screens as well as lock replacements that they have made available direct to the public via their clever interactive website that offers an opportunity for people to purchase and to have these products installed in a very cost-effective way. Seconline recommend that our products be installed by a licensed installer if the classification in their particular state warrants the need so as to be classified as security products. Laws vary from state to state and it is advisable to check with your relevant authorities. Limited advice is given to assist our customers and we also offer online support as well as direct phone call assistance during office hours.

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