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Traditional Vs. Online Purchasing

The Internet has been around now for over 20 years and in that time it has simply revolutionised the way we view and purchase our products. Traditionally we either went to a shop or showroom to view the product we were  looking to purchase and then we would either elect to purchase the product there, or have someone visit us for the purpose of the quotation and if we were happy with the price we would then make the decision whether we would install it ourselves or have them come and install the particular product we wanted.

This is service generations of Australians have used very well in the past and is still a facility that is available for most products, but possibly somewhat in demise. With the birth of the Internet slowly but surely another way of purchasing products became available whereby customers can, in the comfort of their own home, in front of their own personal computer, peruse online shopping websites that have been created cleverly for exactly this purpose. They can compare prices, products and delivery times and now they can order directly online and in most cases have the product shipped to their selected address without ever having to leave the home. This method of shopping is revolutionising the way we purchase all manner of goods and I say that anyone who would suggest that this phenomenon is not here to stay may be described as somewhat delusional.

Another effect of the world wide web is the ability to be able to look at developments in products all over the world and again in the comfort of your own home. As new products come to the marketplace they are very quickly recognised and made available online to customers. Traditional showroom shopfronts will always have their place; however, they will find it very difficult to have the incredible range that is available through the Internet.

Service online is something that all websites must guard very carefully. As in a traditional business or service, if the service is good or bad customers will judge you by word of mouth either way. There really is no difference in an online presence; if you are not genuine in your approach to the way you do business online, you will be quickly found out and inevitably destroyed. Service and standing by your product is extremely important and any online business that wishes to grow their business should adhere to this rule extremely closely. It is more important that we as online business owners protect our names in this space than it would be in a traditional shop or any other traditional way of doing business because social media is a very fast way of getting information out, whether it be good or bad.

Seconline is one of the pioneers in selling security screens and security screen doors online. Our customers number now in the thousands and we pride ourselves in both before and after sales service. From time to time problems will arise, it is how we handle these problems that sets us apart from our competitors, we are well aware of this and value our customer relations above all.


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