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Bug Seals for Security/Barrier Screen Doors

Fitting a bug sealFitting a bug seal

When purchasing a screen door from Seconline we strongly recommend you include a bottom bug seal with your purchase. Australia is the land of the crawling insect. Ants are the most common crawling insect in Australia to try and enter our homes. No one can live in or visit Australia without having a very personal close encounter with some form of ants; they are found everywhere from the highest peaks of Australia to the steamy coastal mangroves. They will live happily in the busiest cities and the driest deserts. They will live in an environment that provides them the three things they need to sustain themselves: shelter to create their nest and keep their species rejuvenating itself; food and a constant food source; and lastly but not least they need varying degrees of water or moisture.

Ants are extremely social insects which live in large colonies. A typical colony consists of the queen who is responsible for laying the legs and relies on the adult workers. Workers are by far the most numerous ants in a typical nest. They are responsible for tending the queen every need and her defence. They are also responsible for nest construction, foraging for food and ongoing maintenance.

There are many different species of ants in Australia and not all will want to come into your home. White ants are possibly the most dangerous visitors to the Australian home, particularly if the home is made of timber which they enjoy as their main food. White ants are extremely hard to detect as they remain completely hidden. Another name for white ants is termite. Termites are attracted to wood and waste timber. Again, they need three core things: food supply, moisture and a nest. These little friendly pests are possibly the worst insect that you could have in a home. If you felt that there was any sign of a white ant or termite in your home then you would be very wise to call a professional immediately to eradicate.

There are many other crawling insects that are unwanted visitors in the family home and if no deterrent is offered will freely crawl under doors. Insect screens or security screens and doors are in some shape or form a necessary addition to the average Australian home and the most obvious place for a crawling insect to visit your family home is under the various doors around the home. One of the easiest ways to minimise if not totally eradicate this unwanted intrusion is to include in your door or screen purchase a bottom bug seal.

Usually if there is an imperfection it is in the bottom of the door and not the top. This is not always the case; however, in most instances it is.

A bottom bug seal will also minimise imperfections in the bottom step of your door such as tile mortise gaps, wear and tear from continuous traffic and any other minor gaps that may appear such as cracking. The bottom bug seal will allow up to 20mm of variation in height adjustment making it a very good option to minimise any particular spot that a crawling insect may find.

Bottom bug seals come with adhesive tape to make installation extremely easy.

When purchasing you Security Screen Door Online with Seconline you have an opportunity before you finalise your purchase to add a bottom bug seal. This is recommended but not compulsory for the reason that we only make one length option available when you purchase a door so as to diagonally square the door.

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