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5 Security Must Haves For Your Apartment

Are you sitting in your home wondering how you can protect the safety of your family and contents? Homes come in many shapes and sizes, whether this be a house on acreage, townhouse, unit and apartments. Don’t think that just because you live in an apartment or unit, that it doesn’t mean you can’t up the safety of your home. It is your right to live in a safe environment that won’t leave you worried at night.

What are some ways that you can up the safety of your apartment? We are going to walk you through 4 ways that you can protect your home (no matter what shape, size or style).

Security Screens

Windows screens can come in two fundamental varieties, firstly there are insect window screens to protect your home against those pesky insects. Secondly, there are the security window screens that are made for protections against bigger pests.

With security window screens there is only one option that exceeds the current Australian standards and that is our 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Security Screens. This product exceeds the Australian standard for impact testing along with knife sheer and longevity tests. With a variety of frame colours and black powder coated steel mesh there is something to suit every home.

Window Lock

You may consider it very beneficial to install an extra layer of precaution, that layer being locks on your windows. This still gives you the freedom to open your window to allow fresh air inside, but does not give the ability for a person to come inside.

Doors and Deadlocks

The installation of quality security doors with the appropriate locking can be the one element that prevents an intruder from entering your home. All the Hinged Security doors are manufactured to comply with current Australian Standards. Not only have they undergone rigorous testing from an independent NATA accredited facility and have been tested and passed a multitude of tests.

Pair this with a top-notch locking mechanism and your home has hit a high standard of safety.

Video Doorbell

This simple inexpensive addition to your home can be that peace-of-mind that you’re in need of. With a video doorbell, you can monitor all those who come to your front door directly from your mobile phone. It is an added security measure, so that you’re always aware of those who are behind your door.

Your safety is important and should not be compromised. If you’re feeling unsafe in your home, contact the SECONLINE team for security options to add to your apartment, unit, townhouse or house. No matter what your housing situation, we can up the level of your security and keep your home and family safe.

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