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Locks and Cylinder Maintenance

The lock life of Seconline door lock life can be increased dramatically with a small degree of maintenance. This maintenance will vary depending on use and conditions. A lock that is in a dusty high use area will need more than a lock that is in an area of low use and protected from dust, salt and airborne contaminants.

There are two types of lubricants sprays that are recommended for use on Seconline locks. Silicone spray and Lenox spray.

Lenox is a lanolin based lubricant and does not contain silicone and is designed for long term heavy duty corrosion protection. Both are available from good hardware and tool stores.

If the lock is in a high dust area then it may be helpful to blow this dust from the lock with air. This can be done either with an air compressor or using pressurised cans of air. These are also available from good hardware and tool shops. Once the dust is removed then lubricate the lock liberally. The amount of maintenance will vary due to your conditions, however, any restrictions in the lock. With Hinged Door locks this can be felt with difficulty to open or close. This will always be an indicator of some maintenance being required.

If you are having difficulties either entering your key into the cylinder or turning your key, then spray lubricant liberally directly into opening of cylinder. If you are having difficulty closing a sliding lock, then as well as lubricating check that the lock has correct height adjustment. If necessary adjust.

New locks and cylinders are available on the Extras page of the website. Don't forget to buy you Screen Doors Online here at Seconline.

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