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NSW Pools Laws for Security Doors and Window Screens

NSW Pool Laws for Security Doors and Window ScreensNSW Pool Laws for Security Doors and Window Screens

If you have a pool in your backyard or perhaps a spa, then you will, by law, need to have fencing and signage that is appropriate to your state and local council laws. As a rule of thumb when it comes to pool fencing it is mandatory in most states that it be non-climbable. In other words, small children cannot gain footage so as to climb up. The requirements may vary and it could well depend on when the pool was built and exactly where it is located.

In New South Wales where this is being recorded the laws changed several times. For pools built before August 1, 1990 if access to the pool is from a house then it must be restricted at all times. Windows and doors may form part of the barrier; however, they must be compliant.

For pools built after August 1, 1990 and before 1 July 2010, the law then changes to state that the pool must be surrounded by a fence that separates the pool from the house. There are exemptions and exceptions that may apply to some pools on extremely small properties less than 230 m². Larger properties, however, on 2 ha or over and those on waterfront properties may also have exemptions. All new pools built after 1 July 2010 must have fences that surround the pool which will separate it from the house.

Some people choose to have a pool that is inflatable. This is not a way of skirting around the law. Owners of the premises with pools that will include inflatable swimming pools must also comply with the current New South Wales fencing laws.

The current New South Wales laws state that the pool fence must have a height of at least 1.2 m above the ground from the finished ground level and that the gap at the bottom must not be more than 10 cm from the ground level. Any gaps between the vertical bars also must not be any greater than 10 cm. This is so that children will not be able to climb over the pool fence on any horizontal climbable bars and if there are to be any horizontal bars on the fence they must be at least 90 cm apart from each other.

When it comes to doors and windows that are part of the pool barrier then you must make sure that if it is a sliding or a hinged door that it firstly self-closes. Secondly that it will self-latch and that the latch is it least 150 cm or 1500 mm off the ground. Also the law requires that there are no foot holes wider than 1 cm anywhere on the door or its frame between the floor or ground and 100 cm above. It may not have any type of pet door.

Information sourced from the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading.

If you are considering building a pool or purchasing a home with a pool then please check your compliance regulations with your local council within your state. Laws may vary from state to state and always refer to the updated information supplied by governing bodies.

At Seconline we manufacture Security Screen Doors and Security Window Screens that comply with the current Australian standards. We have test results to prove impact, knife shear and hinge and level tests are all carried out by an independent NATA laboratory. We do not install and therefore cannot guarantee anything other than the manufacture of the door. No installation will ever be guaranteed by Seconline.

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