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Christmas deliveries at Seconline

Shipping FAQShipping FAQ

Well, it is here again! Christmas 2014 is just two short weeks away and the Seconline factory is working overtime to have all of your orders that are received prior to 16 December dispatched to you before Christmas. Most deliveries on the eastern side of Australia, particularly the ones going to coastal areas, will be well and truly delivered by Christmas; however, the earlier your orders are received, the earlier we can fabricate and dispatch to you if you are wanting some of the Seconline products as a Christmas present.

Purchasing security screens and security screen doors online make for wonderful gift ideas and we would not like to disappoint anyone who has chosen one of these very practical gift ideas for their loved one, so, again, I will reiterate: please do not leave your order till the very last moment as Christmas is an extremely busy time for us as well as Regional Road Express Express. Generally speaking, we have very minimal damage or missing articles with our chosen carrier; however, this is the very busy end of the year and sometimes human error can occur. What we encourage all of our customers here at Seconline to remember is that we will be extremely diligent in our one clear goal of having your parcels arrive in the pristine condition that we have sent them to you.

During the busy Christmas / New Year period deliveries to Sydney and Melbourne in most cases are 4 - 5 working days. Brisbane deliveries can take an additional 2 - 3 days and all regional areas will vary based on their distance from Regional Road Express delivery centres. Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania will obviously take longer and we would encourage anyone outside of the Perth area to remain patient, deliveries usually take around 7 - 10 days and, again, regional areas of WA, NT and TAS deliveries will always take some additional time.

After we have received your order it will come into our factory for fabrication and then to be packaged. Regional Road Express will pick up all deliveries at Seconline factory by 11:00am. each day and at that point, once your goods have been scanned into the Regional Road Express system, you will receive an email with a connote which will allow you to track your products right throughout the whole delivery process. Always allow one to two hours after scanning; therefore, you may not see an email come through till 5 or 6 o'clock on that particular day which will indicate that your goods were dispatched at 3.30 that afternoon.

If for some reason your goods do not arrive at the specified time, then we would encourage you to contact Regional Road Express either via email or by phoning them to have them track your delivery and its current whereabouts. If, however, you are not satisfied or are concerned then please contact the Seconline office and we will on your behalf contact Regional Road Express and apply additional pressure from our end.

Damage in freight is extremely rare due to the very clever packaging procedures here at Seconline that have been devised so as to keep the contents in the pristine condition that you, our customers, would expect. If, however, you find that there is some damage in transit we would encourage you to please contact us immediately and we will organise for your product to be returned and any damage rectified and shipped to you as soon as possible so as to provide the least amount of inconvenience to you, our valued customer.

This will not be the last entry for this year; however, we at Seconline would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers the very best for the season.

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