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Buying a security Security Screen Door


If you are thinking that you may require some additional security in the form of security screen doors or security screen windows, or even insect screens, then there are several ways that this can be achieved.

First of all there is the traditional method; contact a local provider who either sources product from a wholesaler like Seconline or fabricates them themselves. They will come out advise,  measure and provide a detailed quotation. There are many benefits to this process which includes that you, the consumer have no other duties outside of making the decision to go ahead with the quote and pay the company for their services. They will install and warranty the installation. This however is possibly be the most expensive way to install security screen doors and security window grilles/insect screens to your home.

The next method would be to buy a one size fits all screen door from your local hardware store.  You can then either install the door yourself or have someone like carpenter handyman install the products for you. This can be cost-effective however may not be satisfactory. In most cases (in this writer's opinion) there is no such thing as a standard door jamb. Doors will often vary from top to bottom in width measurements and a so-called standard door will vary from application to application. Again if you were to use your local hardware store to source all the basic materials for fabricating flyscreens, measure, make and install them yourself then there is a possibility that you will make a saving, however your insect screens may not be made to a professional standard.

The third method is to choose an online provider of security screen doors and security window screens such as Seconline. There are various methods of utilising Seconline; the first and most common way is to use our online shop. To provide yourself with the necessary products, product information and detialed measuring guides for the individual applications simply head to our website Once you have made the selection and accurately measured it is simply a matter of entering in their measurements to gain a firm price delivered to your home.

Seconline’s FAQ pages provide many helpful guidelines to measuring and also some help as to practical tips on installation. There are also many blogs that readers may find helpful in regard to their particular needs. Payment of your security window screen or security screen door online can be made through a secure Gateway. Both credit cards, PayPal and AfterPay are accepted as well as a provision for direct deposits.

Once your order is processed the Seconline factory; located in beautiful downtown Mudgee, New South Wales, it will be dispatched with Star Track Express generally within 5 to 7 business days. Once you receive your Seconline Security screen door or grilles you can either install yourself or you can employ a carpenter would/handyman to do the installation process for you.  Alternatively you may want to have the handyman/carpenter do the entire process for you, that is to measure and also to do the installing.

Custom made products have many advantages over a one size fits all product; as they are designed to fit the application for which it is measured; as opposed to adapting the door jamb or window sill to fit an inflexible product.

At Seconline we fabricate high quality security screen doors and security window screens as well as a range of insect screens, Western red Cedar doors and screens and a large range of accessories such as pet doors, snib guards, and a host of other accessories. With our insect screens or 7 mm diamond doors, upgrades of midge mesh and paw proof mesh are available if standard fibreglass fly mesh is not suitable.

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