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Feeling safe in your own home

Whether it comes from our ancestral background or whether we have just become an ever-evolving race of beings, we have become accustomed to having one basic need in our lives and that is the need for safe shelter. Most Australians live in freestanding homes or some type of dwelling that is fundamentally our own; whether we rent, have a mortgage or are lucky enough to own our own home, this place is called home, our sanctuary and our place of rest and recuperation.

To feel safe in our own home is something that we possibly take for granted and it's not until we are violated in some way that we possibly consider home security as much more than locking the doors at night whilst we sleep. The devastating feeling of coming home to find that you have been burglarised, possibly vandalised, is one that cannot be described easily and is not a feeling that we would wish upon each other in any shape or form. Even worse would be to have this violation of your home happen either while you are there or to perhaps interrupt a burglary or home invasion of some description. This would be frightening and probably have effects that would be long lasting to even the toughest-minded person.

Elderly people sometimes only leave their homes on very rare occasions and therefore are sometimes within the home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A would-be thief may know this and avoid attempting a break-in; however, they may not. Making an attempt to secure your home is a far better option than the discovery of a possible burglary.

Simple procedures that may help to prevent this from occurring are:

  • The installation of a good-quality burglar alarm. This is possibly only an option in your absence; however, it may offer a great deterrent during those periods of absence. Good signage of the alarms and cameras can give the appearance that you have made significant attempts and will offer an additional visual deterrent.

  • Sensor lighting to areas that are dark or dimly lit can be a very good deterrent as well. Thieves need time and to be hidden in lots of cases to gain entry and if suddenly a light were to come on to expose them it may be the difference between them attempting a break-in or looking for another possible candidate and leaving your premises alone.

  • The installation of good-quality security doors and security screens to your windows and doors will significantly increase your levels of security for both when you are in the property and require some fresh air and also when you are not there so as to add extra security to your locked doors and windows. A significant amount of effort would need to be added to anyone wanting to break into, let's say, a three-point lock security door that is well installed onto a front or back door jamb. Thieves look for partially open windows; however, if they were to find one that had a 316 Marine grade stainless steel woven mesh window grille properly installed then they would know that the effort required to gain entry through that window would be significantly higher and may not represent an easy entry point at all.

At Seconline we offer direct to the public right across Australia access to high quality security window screens and security secreen doors online at very realistic prices. This gives our customers the ability to be able to add significant security to their home regardless of their location. Access to these products for some people in Australia is extremely difficult and Seconline can offer a realistic, cost-effective solution.

All our security doors and security screens are made to the current Australian standards; however, we do not offer any responsibility other than some guidance to the installation. If you are in any doubt as to how to install them then strong advice from us would be to have a licensed handyman, carpenter or builder do both the measuring and the installation for you.

For all your home and business security screening needs contact Seconline today; 1300 735 405.

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