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Winter And your Home Security

We are now entering the late autumn period in 2015 and the onset of cold weather is forcing us to change our habits and knuckle down for the next three to four months of winter.

People will now no longer have a need to have their windows and doors open for fresh air and therefore will most likely put off any desire or need for replacing old and tired security screens and doors. This may be an economic decision as it is very easy to think along the lines of, it will no longer be necessary until the warm weather returns in spring and windows and doors need to be open. It is obviously justifiable to procrastinate and put off this expense until it is needed in spring. From a rational and economic point of view this would seem to make perfect sense; however, upon further thought it may not necessarily be the best option. Please consider the following points:

  • Cold, tired and non-functional doors and window screens that are in a state of disrepair or simply non-existent can perhaps offer an opportunity or a possible entry point by a person who is looking to make gains for themselves by entering your home with the sole purpose of theft to support a possible drug-induced habit. A side door or a closed window with no additional screening on it will obviously be less of a deterrent than a window with a good quality woven steel 316 Marine grade stainless steel screen properly fixed.

  • Another good reason to ensure that your front security door is lockable and functional is for the additional protection when visitors who may be of unknown source knock at your door in the winter time, particularly at night, and you have to open your door to meet this person or persons. If your door lock is not functioning properly or isn't a proper barrier then this could leave you exposed and allow someone to put their foot in the door, so to speak, who may not necessarily be wanted. The confidence of opening your door to a stranger and to be able to talk through a proper and secure screen security door and the ability to close this door when you may need to cannot be overemphasised, and particularly at night.

  • Fresh air is important and the obvious way to maintain the heat and warmth in your home and the cold out is by keeping your doors and windows closed. This is not good for ventilation and many studies have proven that proper ventilation is necessary to help prevent colds and flu and to allow fresh air to circulate within your home for good health. A temptation to allow some ventilation is to unlock a window and leave it slightly ajar in the cold winter months; however, it is also a very tempting entry point for a would-be thief.

  • Winter is predictably cold and also very predictable in its duration. There is one also very predictable consideration when it comes to winter and that is that it will not last forever. In some cases it can be slightly longer than other winters in years gone past; however, there is one undeniable fact that it will not last and spring will return. This brings the need for fresh air without the insects that are prolific in spring and summer to enter your home. Therefore, you will need good insect screens and possibly security screens and security doors. By procrastinating in the autumn simply because it represents an ability to put off a necessary expense may not be the most fortuitous or intelligent decision.

Seconline is a business that was created to offer the public, particularly the DIY market, an opportunity to be able to purchase affordable and great quality security doors and security screens.


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