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Does your Business Premises need additional Security?

Business premises unattended outside business hours can sometimes fall prey to break-ins and vandalism. Alarms can be installed to help prevent these annoyances; however businesses such as pharmaceutical or alcohol outlets tend to attract more than their fair share of frustration in the form of repeated attacks due to the nature of goods within.

The installation of good quality heavy duty steel Security Screens can assist in the prevention or deterrence of after-hours intruders. The image of opening up your business to find that your stock has been stolen or vandalised must be one of the worst scenes imaginable for a business owner.

It is one thing to have insurance and it is advisable to be well insured, however the frustration and hours lost in determining stock losses and the rigmarole of insurance claims is not a pleasant experience. The old saying an ounce of prevention is worth pound of cure would ring true here.

In some cases it may be warranted to have steel bars in addition to Steel Security Screens to offer a greater visual and actual deterrent to would be intruders. As an added benefit Steel Security Screens offer insect protection as well as a barrier to assist in protecting your glass from breakage.

Isolated and dark alleys at the rear of the premises are particularly vulnerable areas as they offer visual protection to criminals and a lot of cases quick getaway in the case of exposure. These are definitely the areas where additional security in the form of Steel Security Screens can be of great benefit. Steel Mesh Security Screens can be fitted internally as well as externally.

Rear doors in dark areas that are protected from visual surveillance can be greatly enhanced with Security Screen Doors with three-point locking systems. This can also benefit when the premises require ventilation and a high level of security from would be thieves. Your staff could be busy at the counters after just walking in with stock or inventory in their hands and momentarily forget to close the door, creating an opportunity for a light fingered person to enter and help themselves to your hard earned profits in the form of valuable stock. A self-closing well fitted three-point lock Security Screen Door that has a quick lock internal snib locking system will assist in the prevention of opportunistic thefts and allow ample ventilation.

Businesses that are located in industrial or light commercial areas are more vulnerable to theft and vandalism due to their low activity after hours and hidden areas. Most business parks and industrial areas are in backstreets and do not attract go-through traffic; leaving them vulnerable to afterhours attack. Security Screens and Security Doors can add a great level of deterrence and protection for these properties.

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