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Flyscreen Centre Bars

Fly screens’ outer frame as a standard are generally 25 mm wide by 11 mm thick. Most windows in Australia are designed to accommodate this specific sizing; however, there are some windows that are designed to accommodate a 9mm x 22mm outer frame; 9mm fly screens are very rare. Once a fly screen square metre each exceeds .8 or thereabouts then it is generally necessary to have a centre bar positioned halfway up the horizontal. In other words, if the height of the screen is 1000mm then the centre of the centre bar will be at 500mm. This centre bar has two functions: firstly to give the fly screen strength and secondly to allow the fly mesh to be rolled in with a larger degree of tightness. Fly screens can be made if requested without a centre bar; however, it must be recognised that the fly mesh will not have this same level of tightness as it would be available by using a centre bar. This would be requested if large windows were facing a view and the centre bar would interrupt or impede this view.

At Seconline we offer our customers three choices when it comes to the type of mesh in our fly screens. Standard fibreglass mesh which is black in colour is the base option and will be used unless otherwise notified. Fibreglass mesh is quite strong in nature and is the most transparent form of fly screening we have available.

Paw Proof Mesh is an option also available to customers at Seconline and this mesh will give additional strength if required for more robust use or if you have cats or dogs who may have a habit of wanting to claw at the mesh. Paw Proof Mesh is significantly stronger than standard fibreglass mesh and will minimise the need to re-mesh perhaps during the life of the fly screen or barrier screen door.

Sand flies can represent one of the most annoying and irritating insects and to minimise their existence in our homes, standard fly mesh will simply not be small enough; therefore at Seconline we offer a particular mesh called midge mesh that will give significantly more protection against sand flies. Midge mesh has much smaller, finer holes that make it more difficult for sandflies to penetrate. Tropical areas, particularly coastal, will be the worst affected when it comes to sand flies and choosing midge mesh when selecting your insect screens as the mesh required will increase the protection from these insects significantly.

As stated above centre bars can be deleted if requested; however, the outer frame of a fly screen is somewhat light in strength as they are not ever to be considered any type of deterrent from intruders or seen as an additional barrier to help with security needs. Centre bars do give fly screens or insect screens significantly more strength and we would advise to not select to have them deleted if at all possible. Fly screens are an essential part of living comfortably in Australia. No matter where you reside in this great south land you will need to have a respite from insects, whether it be small house flies, blow flies or even sandflies. Living in Australia requires human beings to be somewhat protected from all of these and many more prolific insects that are part of life. Insects can bring with them not only irritation but also a large range of diseases. This is the case particularly with mosquitoes. Protection from mosquitoes is essential.

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