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The Dangers of Equal Light

Have you ever been somewhere different and as the light of day recedes and a light is turned on inside, equalising the light inside and out and causing a fly door or a steel woven security door to become almost invisible, perhaps you or one of your fellow party-going friends have walked into the screen door simply because it was not visible at this particular point?

This invisibility phenomenon that happens when the light becomes equal can be somewhat of a problem and may cause possible injury or embarrassment, particularly if someone were to walk into a 316 Marine grade stainless steel security door that was in the closed position, locked off one side and interlocked into the fixed glass panel on the other. Not much would give here except for the person who has to be brought to an abrupt halt and depending on the speed that the individual may have been travelling would depend on the level of collision or impact. It would mean that this person would, at the very least, gain a very big fright.

This usually only would occur at a time when there is the correct amount of equal light, usually at either dawn or dusk or when artificially created with lighting. It occurs because of the invisibility and therefore the remedy for this problem lies in making it become more visual at these particular times. Christmas time or just before Christmas time is when this particular scenario would play out more than others due to the fact that we would be more likely to be having a barbecue or a party on a pergola or verandah or an outdoor setting around the pool and as this equal light phenomenon happens someone would be walking through carrying various things perhaps and collide with the security door.

Solutions: well, this somewhat difficult. If you were to purchase a 316 Marine grade stainless steel sliding or hinged security door online then you would be purchasing it because of its minimalist look and you would have rejected other types of security screen or barrier doors based on the fact that they were perhaps too busy. The 7mm diamond doors are very visual; however, in some cases they are not the best look, particularly if a view is able to be enjoyed from inside. A possible solution would be to hang some form of Christmas decoration on the outside of the mesh to give some reference at this point of invisibility or leaving the door open during party or family gatherings so as to allow full access. Other steps may therefore need to be taken, such as mosquito coils or some way of combating what the purpose of the door was doing now that it is out of action.

In closing I do not think that anyone would suffer any long-term damage due to this phenomenon other than a little dent in the dignity and possibly damage to fly mesh in the case of a sliding fly door. Having said that, I believe that once we are aware of this possible scenario then the best solution is to take steps to prevent this from occurring. There are always compromises and limitations with any product that is installed to reduce your level of exposure to burglary and I believe a compromise needs to be made to make your door more visible and less likely to create an incident with someone who is not familiar with your environment.

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