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Why Buy Security Screens over Insect Screens

Stylish, simple frame profileStylish, simple frame profile
Stylish, simple frame profileStylish, simple frame profile

Australia has one of the highest range of insect diversification on planet Earth. Mosquitoes come in many shapes and sizes and bring with them a vast variety of diseases and afflictions. Australia also has one of the most diverse range of climates, from the tropics in the north to the snowcapped alps in Victoria to the many coastal beach areas. If you want to live in a specific type of climate then Australia will have the location for you.

One thing that is essential in Australia is the need for adequate respite from insects. Harmful chemicals and insecticides can be used to eliminate or minimise insects in our homes; however, they bring with them additional risks to our health as well as the cost.

Also, when considering cost, consider the downtime that can be associated with diseases like Dengue fever, Q fever or, God forbid, malaria. Mosquitoes carry many harmful diseases and avoiding them should be a priority of any person who has the ability to do so. As a one-off cost, possibly the best solution to insects within your home is the inclusion of insect screens or security screens and doors. Insect screens, or fly screens as they are commonly called, have the ability to minimise insects’ inclusion into your living areas without the need for insecticides or harsh chemicals.

When considering the purchase of Seconline insect screens or flyscreens to the windows and doors of your home it may also be necessary to consider that for a little extra cost you will be able to upgrade to security flyscreens that will offer you not only the ability to minimise the insects but maximise the security level of your home.

You may live in an area that is totally secluded and you have no need for security. You also may live in an area where the need for security is high. This is a personal decision; however, it is probably best to get it right so as to avoid the possibility of having to correct a bad decision and upgrade to security screens at a later point.

From an aesthetic or visual point of view there is little difference between the insect screens and the new woven steel mesh type screens that are available in the Australian marketplace.

At Seconline we manufacture security insect screens in the woven mesh: 316 marine grade stainless steel has a tensile strength of up to 1060 megapascals.

Insect screens or fly screens will offer no protection from intruders, only insects.

Another good reason to choose woven steel mesh security screens over standard fibreglass mesh fly screens is its durability, particularly if the family as a pet or two that likes to test their nails or claws on the mesh. Insect screen fibreglass mesh is no match for your precious little pussy cat if they decide to stretch their claws.

Seconline custom manufacture Security Window Screens and ship direct. You can be assured that your security screen is made to exceed current Australian Standards that includes knife sheer, dynamic impact, salt spray, and longevity tests.

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