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Three Point / Triple Locking

Triple Lock Upgrades AvailableTriple Lock Upgrades Available

A very common question here at the support staff at Seconline is: Why do I need a three-point lock? The simple answer to this question is that you do not. If, however, you require additional security for your door and your home, then a three-point lock is a recommended upgrade.

Firstly, let me describe to you exactly what a three-point lock is. All doors at Seconline will come with a standard central deadlock. This lock will house the handle set and you have an option of exactly what side of the door you would like this lock to be on as well has the exact height you would like the handle to be. The handle on an Austral Elegance hinged door lock is precisely at the centre of the locking tongue. If you have an existing door and there is a hole cut for this door lock already provided and it is not going to impede the existing door or its handle, then it would be a very good option for you to measure this door to have the new tongue located into the existing hole. This is a very easy thing to achieve: simply measure from the bottom of your existing door up to the centre of the handle and central tongue and that will be the measurement that you will provide to us for your new door handle height.

It is very important that you give us these measurements from the outside looking in so that we make the correct assumption as to what side you would like the lock to be on, either the left or the right. If you do not have an existing door and you have a previous hole that has been cut out and you would like to match that rather than make a new hole, then the procedure is just as simple. Simply measure from the ground to the centre of the existing hole and deduct 4mm. This is half of the overall deduction that is made when measuring the door length. This new measurement will be the measurement that you provide for your new door handle height. Again, always be on the outside looking in when you take these measurements.

A triple lock or three-point lock option can be selected during the measuring process for an additional $75.00 for a hinged door or $76.00 for a sliding door. At the factory after we have marked out the central lock we then choose from a large range of options the correct heights for the additional two lock cut-outs. Once we have chosen the correct length of rods and cut-out locations we install the lock and test all three locks to ensure that they are operating correctly, then we install the cylinder ready to be packaged and sent to your address.

From an operational point of view a three-point lock is no different to a single standard lock after it has been correctly installed. The three-point lock will lock with the internal snip as will the main central lock. The three-point lock will lock with the key both from the inside and the out and the key will unlock or un-deadlock the lock from either side. If your door is correctly installed then you will not even realise that you are locking the door in three places. This gives a tremendous amount of additional purchase to the door jamb and so adds an incredible amount of additional security to your door and your home.

So you see, in addition to your Seconline Security Screen Door; $75.00 and a little more effort to install is well worth it!

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