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Fly Screening Options

Australia is a large a very diverse island continent with many different climates that vary from arid desert to large areas of different tropical climates. One thing you can be guaranteed is that no matter where you travel or live in Australia you will be in the natural environment of many insects that both fly and crawl that range in size and annoyance. Some bite, some buzz, some smell and many such as mosquitoes carry disease. There is certainly no shortage and it would seem that the only respite is to use chemical repellents both personal and with a much broader usage. The use of chemicals around the home can have negative effects and it is best to try and create areas that are free from all insects. Fly screens or insect screens can be the answer to creating these areas in your home.

At Seconline as well as offering security/ barrier screens, we also offer a range of insect/fly screens. When considering fly screens for your home there are many options to consider and several mesh type available to choose from. The following are some of the insect screen options available on our website.

FIBREGLASS MESH: The base mesh is fibreglass mesh which is black in colour and is reasonably strong and resilient. Fiberglass mesh is not, however meant as either a security product or a security product. It can be used with 7 mm diamond barrier grilles that will give a reasonable degree of protection, however it’s main use is in only restricting insets.

PAW PROOF MESH: Paw proof mesh is a tough and durable product and is a much stronger mesh that will resist a great deal more than base fiberglass mesh, however still retaining great visibility. It is made from a heavy gauge polyester material. It has a far greater resistance capabilities to the effects of pets and high usage. It is also much more UV stabilised than standard fibreglass mesh. 0.40 mm diameter wire with 16 x 16 strands per standard inch.

MIDGE MESH: Midge mesh is absolutely ideal for areas where sand flies or midge insects are. Sand fly (or sand fly) is the name for any species of flying, biting, insects that are encountered in sandy and tropical areas. These insects are very small and can possibly penetrate standard insect mesh. Midge mesh is black in colour. Midge Mesh shares the same attributes and application options as standard fibreglass insect mesh however due to the tighter and much smaller weave pattern is better at preventing access by smaller insects such as Midge. Also useful when light attracts swarms of juvenile insects to areas where there is little or no competing light such as farm houses or isolated dwellings.  Midge Mesh  is sometimes also referred to as Micro Mesh.

Mesh: 20 x 20 per inch.  Strand Diameter: 0.33 mm.  PVC Coated Fibreglass UV stabilised.

316 STAINLESS STEEL INSECT SCREENING MESH: 316 stainless steel insect fly mesh which we source from Aluminium Specialties (Alspecs) also has the advantage of independent test results conducted by Unisearch  that concluded that stainless steel mesh supplied by Alspecs survived temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. It meets the requirements for Bush fire Attack (BAL) -40 & FZ. It is also black in colour with a two part epoxy finish and has 18 x 16 mesh per square inch. It is the most expensive mesh, however has the protective fire ability that the other screening meshes have if you live in a bush fire prone area.

For more information all the Seconline fly screens please visit the Fly Screen page of the Seconline website.

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