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Seconline Testimonials

The support desk at Seconline receives many testimonials regarding the joy our products have given our customers as well as surprise at the quality of the product. Most people take due diligence prior to purchasing a security screen door online or a security window screen from our website, and the product has arrived and they have had it installed before a local company could even provide a quotation.

When this actually occurs it is a very pleasant surprise to not only our customers but also to us and it gives some indication of the frustration that is occurring simply because of the contemptuous attitudes of some companies that do not to want to travel to, in our view, somewhat easy destinations. It seems as though there are a lot of companies out there who like to pick the low-hanging fruit and if they have to travel a little and perhaps offer some additional advice they seem reluctant to do this and so many people, particularly in remote or outlying areas, have found the service at Seconline an extremely easy and great alternative to the local solution.

When our support team answer a phone call or an online chat or even respond to an email, unless we actually look on a map in most cases we would not have any idea as to the locality of the person that we are responding to. This has an advantage for us and an even greater advantage for those people who are frustrated by not being able to access good-quality security doors and security screens in their local area, and in some cases these areas are quite close to large centres. When a call comes through we respond to it immediately and this simple act can be extremely uplifting to some customers as they have possibly been in a situation where the company they have called for a simple quotation have not even had the courtesy to return their call.

Some of the written testimonials that we have received after people have had this experience and also after they have received their goods and installed them to realise the high quality of the product and to receive fast, effective and good information have been very touching to us and we always ask permission of our customers if they wouldn't mind us actually including it on our testimonial page within the website. Obviously we will not include surnames and we would not indicate an area other than in general terms such as central west New South Wales, or a similar-type description. Nearly all are only too happy to have this included.

The Seconline support staff are well trained and have all the necessary information to advise our customers of the best possible product to suit their particular application. From time to time some technical information needs to be resourced and in this situation what we endeavour to do is come back to our customers as quickly as possible with the relevant information to assist them in making the very best decision for their particular situation.

Most information relating to our products can be found either in the Product Information for each product or in the FAQ; furthermore contact our support staff if you have any queries that require extra attention 1300 735 405.

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