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Fly Doors


Seconline is a Newcastle-based factory specialising in the fabrication of high quality security screening products. A retail outlet has been operating for over 25 years initially servicing the local Mudgee area and towns within the local area such as Kandos, Rylstone, Gulgong, Dunedoo and all of the surrounding little towns and villages before relocating to Newcatsle in 2018.

At  Seconline our goal is to manufacture and ship to your door within seven working days of its arrival in our system. We ship right throughout Australia, Tasmania and surrounding islands. We use Star Track Express as our main means of shipment. We have established a packaging system that allows the product to arrive at your premises in the pristine condition that it leaves our factory in. Rarely, however, from time to time we do incur some damage in transit and recognise that it won’t be you, the customer, that has to bear the brunt of the cost of repairs and so what is done is that we organise to have it picked up and sent back to our factory, repairs done and sent back to you in the very shortest possible time.

At Seconline we also manufacture both fly screens and fly screen doors made to our customers’ precise specifications. There is no actual provision for ordering direct from the website if a simple lightweight fly door is required; however, a simple email to the office will be all that is needed to generate a price and then if the customer wishes to purchase then we would simply generate an invoice whereby payment could be made via credit card, PayPal or Afterpay. Alternatively if a customer would prefer to actually direct deposit then bank account details would be on the invoice. 

In most cases the 7mm Diamond Door is the choice for people wanting a strong fly screen door as the diamond mesh will give the door a much greater degree of strength and protection. This particular door also comes with a key lock with two keys. It will give some barrier protection as well. It is not classified as a security screen door; however, it is a good, strong, lockable door.

A 7mm Diamond Screen/Barrier Door can be upgraded from basic fibreglass fly mesh to a much heavier duty fly mesh called Paw Proof Mesh. This is a very good and super-strong product for animals that may scratch at the door. Cats are notorious for stretching their claws on fly mesh and this product is designed to withstand this kind of treatment.

Flies, mozzies and all types of flying insects are unwanted guests in the average Australian home and a good quality fly door is all that is required to act as a barrier deterrent. Fly screens on a window is all that is required to keep most insects on the outside; however, obviously do not offer any form of deterrent from intruders. Security to screens are the answer if additional protection is wanted. These come in two basic types: 7mm Diamond Screens and 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Security Screens. It is up to the customer’s individual needs to make the decision. All that needs to be known is that we will make whatever our customer desires to their exact supplied specifications.

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