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History of Security Screen Doors in Australia

Australia is a large and diverse country; we have some of the deadliest insects, reptiles and spiders found anywhere in the world. As well as this we have a very large and diverse range of flying insects, from very small sand flies to large blow flies and cockroaches. All of these we wish would understand their place and stay well away from us and particularly from entering the insides our homes; however, this is not the reality. The reality is that they are attracted to us by our cooking smells, our light at night, and simply because we are the invaders into their territory, so to speak, as they were mostly here possibly up to millions of years prior to human beings being in their space.

Coupled with this is our ever-increasing need to feel safe and keep our loved ones and our belongings safe from intruders who are in some cases in a state of altered mind due to drug abuse and addiction and have the need to find funds to sustain this addiction.

A very short few decades ago the need for our homes was simply for the barrier between the insects and creepy crawlies coming into our homes and therefore all that was required were simple fly screen or fly wire doors and insect screens on the windows. As time and circumstances changed so did our screen doors to become some of the wide-ranging barrier doors and security doors that still exist today. Possibly the most prolific of all types of doors available during the 70's, 80's and 90's of the last century were the 7 mm diamond doors. These doors offered another level of safety insomuch as they could have a deadlock included and thus provided a significantly higher level of safety over a basic timber fly screen which was also very prolific during this period.

As time ticked by new innovations into security screen doors and security screens became available as did the need for security also increase. Some people, due to frustration and fear, have gone to significantly greater levels to secure their homes by putting steel bars on their windows and doors. This method is very effective but it also is very visual and unattractive and can give the impression particularly from the inside looking out of being in a prison.

During the 1990's many companies produced new systems for security doors and security screens with the implementation of woven steel mesh. This has proven to be an extremely popular and successful method of screening windows and doors and offers a high level of security. Another really great feature of woven steel mesh is that it has the visual effect of looking just like insect screens from a distance and this single feature has possibly been the reason for its great appeal in the marketplace. Home owners now can have a very high level of security with a low level of visual impact on their homes.

There are two basic types of woven steel mesh in stainless steel and they are 304 stainless steel and 316 Marine grade stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is slightly stronger than 316 Marine grade stainless steel; however, the real difference between them is the fact that 316 Marine grade stainless steel is far more effective at resisting corrosion than the 304 stainless steel and given the fact that Australian homes are built on the coastal fringe predominantly then it has been a common sense approach by most home owners when given the choice to choose 316 Marine grade stainless steel. 

At Seconline we offer our customers the choice of basic fly doors right through to high-level woven steel mesh with three-point lock security doors and we do not make a judgement as to their individual needs. We do, however, offer advice if asked on our range of doors, and the support team here have built up their wealth of knowledge and know how to ask the right questions so as to direct customers to the best possible option for them.

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