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Perspex Snib Guards

Perspex Snib guardPerspex Snib guard

Seconline is a security screen manufacturing business with a factory based in Redhead, Newcastle (formerly in Mudgee, central west New South Wales) that is set up with the one purpose in mind of fabricating high quality security doors/barrier doors and security screens/insect screens to our customers’ exact specifications and shipping them to them in the shortest period of time possible. Usually from the point of payment we have products in transit within 7 - 10 working days.

We have a variety of security doors both hinged and sliding and various types of locks are available for these doors. The most popular door is our Seconline TOUGH 316 Marine grade stainless steel security door both in a sliding and in a hinged, followed very closely by the PERF security doors, again both in hinged and sliding.

At Seconline we also manufacture Diamond grille + Fly screen doors and these are available with a three-point lock option or a single lock. Most people also select the Paw Proof mesh option when it comes to selecting a Diamond grille + Fly screen door as the standard fibreglass mesh is not nearly as durable as Paw Proof mesh, particularly when it comes to pets, which is what it is designed for. Also available as an upgrade from standard fibreglass mesh is our midge mesh. Midge mesh is a particular mesh with very fine holes that sand flies and very small insects find hard to penetrate. Although very good for insects it can restrict the airflow slightly.

When choosing a Diamond grille + Fly screen door it is always a good idea if you are going to use the internal chrome snib lock to also purchase a Perspex snib guard. These are designed to go on as the door furniture is screwed onto the outer part of the inside door and will assist in protecting the mesh from fingernails and engagement rings, etc. however, they will have the most benefit in giving you the ability to lock your door with the internal chrome snib and be reasonably confident that no one will be able to put their finger through the fly mesh and unlock the door. This is not possible with the woven steel mesh as it is significantly harder and would be nearly impossible without the use of some form of tool to break the mesh. In the case of a 7 mm diamond door the nature of the aluminium mesh is quite open and would easily allow a finger or some other form of leverage to be able to unlock the internal chrome snib.

If you have existing doors and would require a Perspex snib guard to be installed to these doors then simply order from our extras and add them to your shopping cart when purchasing your initial Diamond grille + Fly screen door. This may not render the door as safe as a 316 Marine grade stainless steel door or an Alu-Gard Edge security door however, it will definitely increase the ability to lock with somewhat more confidence in the knowledge that it is going to be significantly more difficult for someone to unlock the door from the outside position.

Snib guards can be purchased in conjunction with your Diamond + Fly screen doors.

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