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Fitting a Door Closer and a Bottom Bug Seal

In previous blogs we have covered how to install your new Seconline Security/Barrier Door and how to check and install your locks. Next on the To Do List is installing your door closer and bottom bug seal.

At the Seconline factory we package your door with an additional piece of cardboard which sits on top of the inside of your door and will contain all the accessories that you have ordered. We are pleased when customers order bug seals and door closers in addition to their standard Hinged Security/barrier Screen Door as most imperfections will occur at the bottom of the door frame and a bottom bug seal will help to minimise the issues that arise from imperfections such as wear marks from years of walking over a wooden step, particular step marks will begin to affect the door base and where step tread tiles have been laid and the gaps between the tiles are quite transparent. Bug seals can dramatically reduce the areas that crawling insects can enter the house between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the door jamb.

If you do order a bug seal you will find it attached to the cardboard section with adhesive tape. Simply remove the bug seal from the packaging and pull back the red triple M cover protecting the adhesive seal on the back of the seal.  Allow the bug seal to sit on the door base, this will allow the hair to actually touch, then being mindful of the widths slide the bug seal over to the door evenly and press quite firmly so as to adhere the bug seal to the bottom of the door. With a soft cloth, rub firmly along the length of the bug seal to guarantee a good seal.

If you have ordered a hinge door closer you will also locate this in your accessory pack. Full instructions for installing your Hinge Door Closer are included in your door accessory pack. The most important thing to ensure before installing your door closer is that the door is opening and closing correctly.  Once this is established then a door closer will work much more effectively. If there is any restriction whatsoever with the door opening and closing then you must address this prior to fitting the door closer.

A well fitted door closer will save you many cross words with children, and others when entering and leaving your door as you will no longer have two remind them to close the door. Children sometimes run through a Security/Barrier Screen Doors pushing them open and can disappear out of earshot quicker than you realise how many blowflies have entered your house. A well fitted door closer can save a lot of household stress.

Be mindful when you receive your Seconline package from Star Track Express that all your purchased items are accounted for; particularly if the packaging has been damaged. We also recommend thoroughly checking the contents of the carton before disposing of it in case it contains items required for installing your door. 

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