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Correct Door Selection


Choosing the correct door for your particular application can be somewhat of a challenge. First of all I think the question that you need to probably ask yourself is just exactly what you are trying to achieve? Is it security that you're looking for, or is it looks? Is it just simply to keep the flies and insects out of your home whilst you are there? Let's go through these three different scenarios in more detail.

Flies and insects: If the need at your particular home is for the keeping of insects, such as flies mosquitoes and moths, out of your home and all you require is a lightweight door that will provide this protection then possibly the best door to select for you, both in a hinged and a sliding door, would be a 7mm diamond door. The 7mm diamond doors with a single lock are classified as a barrier door and relatively low in terms of security. Having said that they are strong, robust doors that will stand the day-to-day knocks that come with family living. If you have pets then you can add pet doors to a 7mm diamond door, but you will not be able to add a pet door to a woven steel mesh door. Also you can have midge mesh if you are in an area where there is a high level of sand fly activity such as northern Queensland, the Northern Territory and also areas in the Kimberley. Pet mesh known as paw proof mesh is also available to be upgraded in a 7mm diamond door. This particular mesh is very strong and will resist cats and dogs, etc. and will keep re-mesh needs to a minimum.

Looks: If you have a very attractive front door and do not wish to spoil the look of this door with, say, a 7mm diamond door which would obviously become the visual local point diminishing the look of an existing door, then a 316 Marine grade stainless steel door would be the best. If your need for security is minimal and again it is for flies and insects then perhaps the choice should only be to install a single lock. 

Security Doors: If your need is for security then the either the TOUGH 316 Marine grade stainless steel woven mesh security door or the PERF security door would be the best choices. To increase the level of security a three-point lock system will be needed as it will more than triple the level of security of the door and with three hinges on the opposite sides will allow the door to be, on your particular door jamb, secured at six points as against three or four with a single lock. A security door that does not include a three-point lock system should not be classified as a security door.

A 7mm Diamond door can offer very low level security; however, the light duty frame does reduce its level of security and therefore we would strongly advise that you choose a security door with a three-point lock over a barrier door if security is your need.

We at Seconline can only advise; we are not privy to the budget or the purpose of the door and therefore hope this information is helpful to you.

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