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Different types of fly mesh

Fly MeshesFly Meshes

Previous blogs have been written on the different types of fly mesh available here at Seconline; however, many questions still arise at our support desk as to which particular fly mesh our customers should choose when including fly mesh in their insect screens or 7 mm diamond doors and window screens.

Fundamentally we sell three different types of fly mesh:

Standard fibreglass fly screen mesh: This is black in colour, lightweight and inexpensive and is included in the price of standard insect screens, 7mm diamond doors and window grilles.

Paw Proof mesh: Paw Proof mesh is also a fibreglass mesh but significantly thicker and stronger. It is designed for people who want to have a more durable insect screen than standard fibreglass mesh. One of the significant reasons people would choose Paw Proof mesh would be to give extra protection because they have cats or dogs and are concerned that they may damage the standard fly mesh. This mesh was designed with pets in mind. Cats have a tendency to want to scratch their nails on fly mesh and damage it very quickly and easily. Dogs also have a habit of jumping up on a door with excitement and also can damage standard fibreglass mesh quite easily. Paw Proof mesh will withstand significantly more stress and wear and tear than standard fibreglass mesh and so can be a very good choice if you want a mesh that will outlast standard fibreglass mesh in terms of durability over the longer term. Remeshing a door is not that difficult and is not an expensive operation; however, to the novice it can be somewhat of a challenge and again to avoid this operation the choice of Paw Proof mesh may be well considered.

Midge mesh:  This mesh has very small holes that will deter sand flies or midge types of insects from penetrating or gaining access to the inside of your home if you chose to have this installed in areas where these nasty little creatures exist. Midge or sand flies are very small insects that exist in tropical and coastal areas. Their bites can be very nasty and irritating and if one has ever experienced them they surely will not forget them even though they possibly may never see them as they are very small insects. Some of the feedback that we have received here at the support desk at Seconline have indicated that our midge mesh is very effective against sand flies; however, it does restrict the airflow a little and given the nature and size of the mesh it is to be expected.

None of the above measures will offer anything other than insect protection and are not designed to be in any shape or form a deterrent to intruders. 7mm diamond doors and window barrier screens can offer a degree of barrier protection against unwanted intruders at a low level and all of the above mesh options are available at Seconline if so required. If 7mm diamond window screens are purchased from our website they will include as standard the base fibreglass fly screen mesh at the base price indicated. Midge mesh and Paw Proof mesh can also be selected; however, they will incur an extra cost.

Also available at Seconline are both 316 Marine grade stainless steel security screen doors and security screens and offer a much higher level of protection level. 

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