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Powder Coating Option

Powder colour optionsPowder colour options

Many people call our support staff here at Seconline with a very consistent question in regard to our colour choices and the specific colour that would be the most appropriate for their home or application. With advice comes a certain degree of responsibility and therefore we take this question very seriously.

On our website we have 18 standard door colours as well as a wood grain option, we also provide the option to powder coat non standard colours if required for all our security door and window screens as well as Barrier Doors; powder coating is however not available for our Diamond + Fly range of products. Powder coating is an additional  service and can extend expected delivery times usually by three to five days; this should be considered if a fast turnaround is needed.

One of the considerations needed when choosing a door colour is the availability of door lock and hinge colours. These are available in black, Primrose, Paper Bark and white only. In all cases if any other colour is selected then standard procedure would be to install black locks and hinges. It is not possible to powder coat door furniture, nor is it possible to powder coat the hinges. In most cases this would never be a problem. All manufacturers of aluminium sliding doors use black door handles and therefore it may look out of place with a coloured lock. In the case of sliding security screen doors and sliding barrier screen doors, Seconline always selects black locks. Coloured locks are not an option with Seconline sliding security doors.

A guide to choosing a particular frame colour for your security screen door would be if possible to match it to one of our standard colours. Sometimes you need not match it to the existing door jambs; it may be more appropriate to match it to the brickwork or cladding or whatever the outer surrounds of the door jambs are. Sometimes it can work to match it to the down pipes and guttering and also to the actual window frame colours. It is very much an individual choice and as stated, difficult for us to give firm, solid advice on.

316 Marine grade stainless steel woven mesh is black in colour. If a black frame were chosen then it would obviously be matched with black door furniture and black hinges and this can look quite effective and create a minimalist look in most cases. This is quite often a cost-effective solution where Seconline standard colours are not a perfect match to anything else on the jamb or surrounds. Introducing additional colours can be also an option; however, this must be considered based on the overall look from both inside and outside the home. A good example of introducing an additional colour would be in the mix of Heritage Red or Manor Red and Primrose to choose a Hawthorn Green door. These three colours make up what could be considered standard heritage Australian colours. Any mix of  these three colours could possibly be considered effective; however, caution needs to be taken as colour introduction can be both effective and detrimental.

Interior designers and decorators can be of great assistance in the selection of colours. These are usually available in most bigger centres and would be found in your local Yellow Pages. If you are at the stage of planning your interior then it may be a great time to obtain some additional advice as to the colour of your security screen doors and security screen windows.

Available on the website is a Dulux Powder Coatings colour chart; this chart displays the non-standard colours that are available upon request. As time and customer preferences change, Seconline will always look to add to the standard range of additional colours. The colour Dune in recent times has become extremely popular and was added as a standard colour due to demand. It is obvious as architects look to create a point of difference that additional colours will become more popular and Seconline will evolve as necessary.

In the meantime, as stated, powder coating is an option. When purchasing your Security Screen Door or Window Screen Online simply select the colour required from the Dulux Powder Coatings chart, select the tick box next to Non Standard Colour and type the full name of the colour in the field provided.

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