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Door Closers

Door ClosersDoor Closers

When you are installing a security screen door you may or may not consider the installation of an additional product called a hinged door closer. There are many reasons why you should consider this additional product; however, there may be some particular applications where a hinged door is not entirely suitable.

A hinged door closer is designed for two specific purposes. Firstly, in most conditions, if adjusted correctly, as you enter or leave through your security door then the door will close behind you due to the hinged door closer. Secondly, by sliding out the small chrome locating clip along the main shaft of the door closer you will be able to hold the door closer in the open position. This, however, will be best if the area is a low wind area as opening the door and using the door closer to hold the door open will place the door into a angle of attack making it vulnerable to wind.

Some people may find having a door closed behind them as they're struggling through with a baby stroller, hands full of groceries, or the washing basket on their way back from the clothes line in the backyard annoying and may make the decision to not have a door closer installed at all or to remove the existing. On the other hand, you may have the need to be confident that the door closer is going to close behind you as you exit or enter. Door closers can have a beneficial effect and can also be annoying.

People living on busy roads with small children or small pets may also find the door closer a very useful tool as it should ensure that the door closes in a hands-free motion when needed to keep the door closed. There are many things that may impede the door closing every single time and care must be taken to observe visually and audibly that the door has closed correctly to ensure that the lock is engaged so as to stop the door from opening. Many things may come into place such as a draft blowing through the house offering resistance to the door closure. Also small obstacles may be in the way and stop the door from closing correctly. Small pets and children running behind you may also offer resistance to the door and so it is imperative that when using a door closer you are completely confident that it is allowed to do its job correctly.

At Seconline we use Doric door closers for our pneumatic hinged door closers for both security doors and for barrier doors. Doric hinged door closers, if fitted correctly and given correct conditions, will ensure that your door closes automatically time after time. They come with very easy-to-fit instructions, and they also have a speed adjustment screw and as stated above they include a hold-open washer. At Seconline if a white, black, brown or Primrose lock is chosen then we will automatically include that colour closer. If, however, any other colour of door frame is chosen then it will be a black door closer that is supplied. Irrespective of the colour of the closer, all instructions and operations are identical.

If you require a closer for a sliding door they can be ordered as an Addon at Step 3 of the Product Builder.

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