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Seconline Range

The range of products available at Seconline is as big as our customers’ imagination. At Seconline we pride ourselves on super-fast turnaround with custom-made products to our customers’ exact specification delivered directly to their chosen address. Great care and great precision is taken at every step in the production process as well as the packaging process to ensure that their product arrives in pristine condition.

Our website is comprehensive and offers our customers an incredible array of information that will help them to not only measure their product, but to also ensure that it is the ideal product for their particular needs. All product specifications are included in the product information and our DIY info Centre provides comprehensive instruction on measuring accurately.

For further assistance our customers have the ability to be able to contact us through our online chat, direct email or via telephone. Three lines of communication are available so as to allow our customers an opportunity to ask specific questions if they are in any way not able to find or in some doubt as to our products fitting their particular application. Seconline staff are well trained in all of the products that are available via our website and can offer certain advice as to additional products that may be of assistance such as tracking and extension jambs where door handles and bad door jambs may be a hindrance to proper installations.

It is, however, only advice based on our customers’ explanations of their particular products. It is therefore of a general nature and cannot be seen as specific guidance due to the fact that we are basing our opinions on our customers’ explanations and in some cases photos of their particular needs. It is impossible for us to give definite advice due to the impossibility of an actual site visit. Our products are made to a specific standard, particularly our security-rated products; however, laws vary from state to state as to this requirement and we would advise our customers to always seek if possible to have a qualified licensed person carry out their installation if they are wanting to gain the classification relevant to their particular state and application.

At Seconline we pride ourselves in the fast service and turnaround of our products. Once our customers have made their decisions they enter into our online ordering portal their specifications, colours and any additional products such as door closes, bottom bug seals, and the type of mesh they are requiring, whether that be a 316 Marine grade stainless steel or just simple plain fibreglass mesh that would be part of a 7mm diamond door. After payment is received through our secure gateway, the internal Seconline process begins whereby a printout is handed to the factory floor manager who then instructs staff to carry out all necessary fabrication processes and then they are carefully packaged and labelled and shipped direct to our customer’s specified address in super-fast time.

People who live in outlying areas find our service to be of extreme value given that they may have to travel many hundreds of kilometres to find an alternative product and in most cases at far greater cost given the expense of travel. This also gives our customers a greater variety of information in choice and access to products that may not be available in their specific area. Over the many years Seconline have been helping customers in the outback in outlying areas we have received enormous encouragement and positive feedback as well as important information regarding some of the specific needs in these areas.

A good example of this would be some of the areas that have our famous little midges or sandflies. We can offer our customers now based on this feedback a particular mesh called Midge mesh that is substituted for normal fibreglass mesh that will go a very long way to minimising the effects of these very annoying little creatures in tropical and areas that are infected. Also some customers have asked us for mesh that is more durable than standard fibreglass mesh and hence we have introduced Paw Proof fly mesh for those individuals who require a significantly more durable mesh that will stand up to the day-to-day impact that cats and dogs can have.

Seconline are very proud of their achievements and services that they provide to their customers and appreciate all the kind and positive feedback as well as at times the educational and somewhat negative feedback that is always seen in a positive view to constant improvement of our services and products.


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