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The Goat and The Security Door!

Of all the testimonials that I have received at Seconline regarding the strength of our particular door system, by far the funniest is the story of Mr Goat. Late one afternoon recently I had a customer phone our support staff with a query regarding a sliding door. There were a couple of technical questions the gentleman required answering which was a little too much for the girls and they asked me if I would call this gentleman to discuss the issues with him.

In due course I did exactly that. It wasn't that much of an issue that he had, but we were able to offer him several solutions to be able to install a woven steel mesh security door to his rear sliding door and do away with the existing, very badly fitted sliding fly door that was there.

Towards the very end of the conversation the gentleman expressed that he had purchased two doors off Seconline previously, around 12 months ago, and was extremely pleased with them. He went on to say that he was not all that handy and found all the guidance and tuition available on the website extremely easy to manage and absorb. He was impressed with every part of the operation from the simplified ordering system right through to how Star Track Express had left his doors exactly where he had requested and how he also was made to look very professional by his wife and family after he had installed the doors and everything was perfect right down to the bottom bug seals and the door closers.

He then went on to say that he had reason to believe in our products and went on to tell me the story of Mr Goat. By chance as a pet they had been given a small goat over 18 months previously and this cute little kid had steadily and surely grown into a massive big billy goat. On his way to full maturity he had single-handedly destroyed every rosebush, small tree and any large tree with branches or leaves low enough for him to get up on his hind feet and ravage. He had even attempted to eat the clothes off the line.

From a cute little kid who would follow you around playfully he had now grown into a fully horned 70 kg goat who could not in any shape or form be described as cute. This creature had grown into a animal with a severe attitude problem. He believed that no part of the small farm was he not allowed to be in. He also believed that he was above any other animal on the farm. Horses, dogs and even pigs were beneath him and would give way to him. He had grown into an enormous problem.

Because Mr Goat had thought he was even allowed inside the home this particular person decided that he needed a reasonable barrier for the front and back doors to have Mr Goat realise that some boundaries were not to be broken. After much due diligence, doors were ordered and installed. The woven steel security doors look just like lightweight non-obtrusive fly screen doors. They had just enough time to inspect and take great delight in his skills and professionalism to be patted on the back by his family as Mr Goat appeared on the outside patio. Fully confident in the installation the owner and family retreated behind the security door to have the goat walk up to the door; he stopped and smelt this curious new addition. It was quite obvious from this point he was not happy with this situation and he started to scratch the concrete with his feet and waved his horns up and down in protest, all to no avail. The owners simply felt very proud of themselves. It was obvious to them that this was sufficient and the boundary was recognised and the ground held.

Mr Goat had other ideas. He lowered his head and walked steadily backwards. He then reared back on his hind legs and with a twist of his head fell forward into a head-first charge at this ridiculous obstruction that had restricted his rightly access. The owners were only centimetres behind the door and were taken completely by surprise at Mr Goat's umbrage.

He hit the door with an almighty force and was totally indignant that he had not managed to penetrate it. This would never do and so a second charge was mounted from an even greater distance with even greater force and again to no avail. With a snort of his nose and an indignant look he decided that there may be some merit in not repeating the process a third time as there was absolutely no sign that this particular barrier was going anywhere anytime soon.

Upon later inspection it appeared there was no significant damage to the door except for a little bit of goat hair and saliva and a dent in Mr Goat’s pride.

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