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Why choose a 7mm Diamond Door?

Diamond + Fly - Close up SwatchDiamond + Fly - Close up Swatch

When choosing a door from the Seconline website the question could be asked. Why would I choose a diamond grille door? This is a very good question and before and the answer is given a description of a diamond door needs to be given.

Description; Expanded aluminium extruded mesh, 7mm in diameter. Cut to size, riveted to a extruded outer aluminium frame with fly mesh and a locking device.

This particular door was possibly the original aluminium security/barrier door that was widely available on the Australian market as a low-cost and relatively effective barrier against intruders and available from the 1960. What could possibly say that it was a security door for an age when perhaps the need for security perhaps it wasn’t as imperative as it is today. Having said that it is still a very popular door for a number of reasons.

People will often choose a Diamond door simply because the rest of the house has diamond window screens or has other diamond patterned doors whether they are Sliding Diamond Doors or Hinged Diamond Doors and so to keep the same pattern is possibly the best choice aesthetically.

This is a very popular choice of door for the rental market as well. When a tenant requires a door, then an owner can still choose this low cost option as it still offers good value for money and provides good a locking barrier for them as well as good insect protection. To some home owners who are simply requiring insect protection then it is a significant step up to choose 7mm Diamond Doors and Screens.

In terms of its security then it could be said that it has been well superseded by other products in the last 5 to 10 years. The main door now that would have been a choice of most Australian homes are the Steel mesh’s Security Doors and Security Screens. These are just simply stronger and are more aesthetically pleasing. They allow the main door to remain the feature door and to be seen through the mesh in the closed position easily whilst giving a much larger degree of protection. They are designed to imitate lightweight fly screens and allow good vision and airflow and protect your home.

At Seconline we sell woven steel mesh products; specifically 316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade Mesh. It is possible to have steel mesh products made into high-grade Security Doors and Security Screens. They offer a much higher level of security and will blend in to look like standard fly screens.

Affordability can be the reason that customers will choose a diamond door over a steel mesh door and this is understandable. At Seconline we offer unbeatable prices, customer service and turnaround times for both types of doors and screens.

Three point locking can be chosen for either type of door, however, is far more popular with the Steel Mesh Security Doors and Screens. Most people who choose a diamond door will choose the single lock option. All other options within the Seconline website such as bottom bug seals and door closes can be added to either option.

The main deciding reason for most pet owners for buying a diamond door is the fact that a PETWAY pet doors can be added very easily to them.

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