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NSW Crime stats - Helpful Security Tips

According to the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research 2013. Release date 10 April 2014: most major categories in New South Wales of crime either fell or remained stable over the last two years to December. 2013. The relates directly to a lot of our products namely Seconline security doors. This is great news, however, complacency in the security of your sanctuary, your home is not something you should engage in. Your home is the one area where you can take dramatic steps to increase the level of security and protection of your loved ones and your valuable possessions. The following may be of use in securing your home.

  • Think like a burglar. Walk around the perimeters of your home look for easy entry points, look for hidden areas where burglars could lurk, look for re-entry points that would be easy access.

  • Think if I were a burglar how would I gain entry to my house?

  • Look for the places where people could hide so as to observe your movements, dark areas, shades of trees etc.

  • Where you have found these vulnerable entry points take action to minimise this risk. Remove or trim trees, install sensor lighting or place a barricade to make it as difficult as possible for any intruder to access vulnerable areas.

  • If you lose your keys have a Locksmith change your locks immediately.

Some helpful tips that may assist you to secure your home:

  • Install sensor lighting to darken hidden places

  • Install deadlocks to all external doors

  • Install three-point locking steel mesh security doors

  • Install steel mesh window grilles. 

  • Consider installing a good alarm system. A back to base system that alerts people of intruders is ideal, however there are some good DIY alarm systems available that are easy to install and represent a great deterrent.( Always hide wirers that may allow a burglar to disconnect.)

  • Thoroughly lock your home every time you leave it.

  • And never keep your keys in your mailbox, under your doormat or anywhere that may be obvious in a quick search by an intruder.

  • Lock your external gates if possible as you leave.

  • Before turning your house key over two a professional house cleaner make sure the person is reputable and honest as well as hard-working.

  • If you are going to be away from your home for any length of time have someone collect your mail and keep an eye on your house for any movement, suspicious or non-suspicious activity that may occur. Have your lawn mowed to and give your house no indication that you are absent for any long periods of time.

  • Install timers to your power points so as to have your television/radio come on at regular times as well as lighting to give the illusion that someone is at home.

  • Let your neighbours know that you will be away and give them the date of your return as well as various contact options.

  • If you are going to be absent have someone you know call by regularly and inspect both inside and outside the house for any signs of intruders.

  • If it is possible have someone like a neighbour park their car in your driveway during your absence. Neighbours are mostly always willing to help.

If we all take basic common sense steps to secure your our homes we can keep these good statistic in a downward trend. 

View our range of security door and window grilles today. After all our greatest possessions are our loved ones and they should be safe in our own homes.

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