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Security Door Lock Choices

At Seconline we manufacture a range of security/barrier and screening products. If you are looking for a door for a particular reason then it is important that you know a little about the type of lock that would give you the best outcome for your possible situation. At seconline we have a large range of door choices both in sliding security dors and in hinged screen doors.

Not all applications are the same, so it’s important to give some thought to just what is involved in the installation of the lock possibly prior to the selection of the lock. If you were living in a very hostile environment where the need for security was high, then it would be important to have the best possible lock and door combination possible to give you the greatest level of protection. You may also be living in a very secure environment where the need for high level of security is not as warranted and so you’ve made have just a need to have a basic door and a basic lock. This all needs to be decided prior to your door selection.

Sliding Screen Doors

When choosing a lock for a sliding door it is made very simple as there is only one lock. This lock can be located exactly where you like and on whichever side you choose. In other words you may want the lock to be located above your existing solid glass sliding door and also you may want it to be located below your existing solid glass sliding door. This is a choice and various ample information available on the website for you to make this decision correctly. A golden rule when giving measurements is to always be on the outside looking in. This is so we can put the lock on the correct side. This will be the same for both hinged and sliding.

Hinged Screen Doors

When choosing a lock for a hinged door the choices can be broken down into two basic choices. Number one a single lock which can be located on whichever side of the door that you choose and at the height you choose and gain there is ample information to guide you through this form the seconline website. Simply click on the FAQ section located at the top of all pages and make your selection.

The second choice is a three-point lock. A three-point lock has the same central lock body as  the single lock , however at the point that the door is manufactured and based on the specific measurement inputs that you have given us, we will place rods within the door frame to locate the two additional lock tongues. One is located above the door, in most cases 400 mm to 500 mm above and again 400 mm to 500 mm below the main central lock. The rods then connect the main lock body to the two additional lock tongues, it is simply a matter of locking your door as per usual with either the key or the internal keyless snib to lock the door. There is no fundamental difference after the door has been manufactured and installed from an operation perspective, between a three-point lock and a single lock. Although there is a significant difference in the level of security that a three-point lock will give your particular door in comparison to a single lock. 

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