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How to measure your product with Seconline

The measuring of a Seconline security door, steel security grille or a fly screen online is not difficult, however, the following may be helpful as a guide.

Fundamentally all that is required is the ability to be able to measure and record based on given easy to follow instructions. Various different instructions are available within the Seconline website which are fully detailed with videos and still photos with that make measuring incredibly easy, so please click through to our FAQ page.

Some useful tips when measuring;

  • Never bend your tape if you can help it. Most good quality tapes will have the actual block size of the tape recorded on the side of the tape body. This gives the width of the block that can be added back at a later point. Most tapes have the ability to be able to lock in the open position so as to bring the tape down to eye level to gain the exact measurement. Once you have this measurement then simply add back the block allowance.

  • It is always a good idea to have someone record the information as you measure it, this can save time and minimise mistakes.

  • Measure several times. If you find that you are getting variations then this may indicate that the lock on the tape is not functioning correctly and you would be well advised to use another tape. If however, you do obtain the same measurements then this would indicate that you are correct.

  • Have another person measure as well and compare the result for accuracy.

  • Record your information without deductions and at them back later rather than confuse yourself and risk a mistake

  • Always make sure that you have adequate light to be able to see the tape measuring results clearly.

  • In the case of hinged doors we allow three measuring fields for the widths. Top, bottom, and the middle. If however, you find a difference in the middle measurement then the Seconline factory will only adjust the middle on the locking side. Most security doors come with three hinges and therefore this hinge side must be straight. It may be a better decision if the discrepancy in the measurement is found to be on the hinge side to either use some hinge packers available in the EXTRAS section of the website if the middle measurement is greater. If the measurement is smaller and the discrepancy is also on the hinge side then it may be a better option to recess with a good sharp chisel into the jamb. This will not be possible in a steel door jamb, however they are rarely incorrect. Most steel jammed doors will be correct.

  • To ascertain whether the discrepancy is the hinge side or the lock will side is done by using a straight edge such as a spirit level. Straight edges can be purchased at most good hardware stores.

There is an old saying worth mentioning; "Measure twice cut once". Always remember if you need additional help you can do this easily via email or via our interactive chat line available in the right-hand side on any page of our website. Also by phoning Seconline direct on 1300 735405. You can really save a mint by when you buy security doors online with us.


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