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French Hinged Doors

The support staff at Seconline are frequently asked questions in regard to French hinged doors, particularly swinging French doors which are quite common, especially on verandahs, and also Western Red Cedar French Doors. The fundamental thing that never changes when measuring for either a single-hinged security screen door or for French-hinged security screen doors is the fact that we are always on the outside looking in when we are measuring. It is absolutely imperative that this rule of measuring is never changed. The reason we do this is so that always in the manufacturing process, together with you, the person who will be doing the measuring and the installation, we have similar mindsets to have the locks and receiving cutouts, flush bolts and hinges on the correct side dependent upon whether they are in swinging or outswinging.

With a standard hinged door there is only one change that is required if the door happens to swing into the house or room and that is that at the factory we reverse the door hinges. The face of the door will always face out and the inside of the door will always face in. From an operational point of view the lock works exactly the same with the internal chrome keyless locking snib on the inside and the outside door is identical as if the door were to actually swing out. The only change as stated is the hinges being reversed.

For French hinged in-swinging doors we will no longer use the same external double door cover mullion as this will no longer work as it will hit on the internal jamb. We will now in this case use a smaller mullion which is fitted on the backs of the doors. If your French hinged doors are external than the standard deductions apply: 15 mm on all widths, top middle and bottom.

IMPORTANT: If you are measuring for internal French hinged security screen doors then your width’s deductions will not be 15mm for top middle and bottom, it will only be 13mm as the thickness of the internal mullion is 2mm less.

With the drop or lengths there is no change: 8mm off the shortest drop for all the drop measurements. Simply measure on the left-hand hinge side and again on the right-hand hinge side and then in the middle where the two doors will meet; once you have measured all of these then choose the shortest one less 8mm. This will now be your total height deductions for both doors.

Terminology surrounding French hinged doors requires us to have names for the doors which we call the active and non-active.  The active door will have the lock and the non-active door will contain the flush bolts which are installed at the factory inside the door with a chrome lever that is connected to both the up and down bolts so as to lock or unlock with one 180 degree movement of the locking lever.

Provided you measure correctly and do this from the outside looking in the installation of your French hinged doors should be very straightforward and in some cases can be even easier than a single door as all the lock cutouts are done prior for you at the Seconline factory.

If you require any further assistance purchasing French Security Screen Doors Online then please contact us here at support on 1300 735 405 or send us an email with your contact details or questions and we will endeavour to help.


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