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A Pleasing Christmas Story

Previous blogs have been written in regard to delivery times that can be expected by Seconline customers; however, our expectations have been surpassed in recent times with extremely quick deliveries by our selected carrier, Star Track Express.

On the Monday before Christmas 2014, being the 22nd of December, we had a specific request from a very frightened man who had experienced a break-in at his home. He and his wife had come home on the previous Friday after working in the city (Sydney) to experience something that those that have not had it happen to cannot really feel: the devastation that surrounds the awful feeling that one encounters when discovering that your home, your sacred castle, has been violated and your precious belongings have been stolen or in some cases destroyed.

After calling the police and coming to terms with the fact that this terrible occurrence had happened to them, they went online to see if there was a solution to their problem after it was discovered that the penetration of their home took place through their back laundry door.

During their search online they discovered very quickly that there were many manufacturers of security screen doors but none that would even entertain the idea of a quotation so close to Christmas. There was a possible option and that was to order the door online through our Seconline website and have it delivered to their home address.

The million-dollar question was exactly when would this happen? Early on the Monday morning of the 22nd they phoned the Seconline office and asked if it were possible to have a fast manufacture of their specific security screen doors and security window screens. They had made a decision to secure all doors and windows, even the sliding door was to have security screens fitted. The event had obviously affected them and they were determined to do anything in their power to prevent this happening again. They also asked if it were possible to have it delivered prior to Christmas.

It is not always possible to expedite an individual order over the top of existing orders; however, at that particular time all orders that were guaranteed for delivery prior to Christmas had been manufactured and shipped prior to 16 December which was the advertised cut-off point for pre-Christmas deliveries.

After a discussion with this frightened couple a commitment was to have the doors and security window screens manufactured that day and shipped the following day, being Tuesday 23 December. No commitment could be made or was made as to the exact delivery time being two days before Christmas. The couple accepted that this was possibly the best outcome they could have anticipated and had accepted the fact that a delivery would not be possibly made until the New Year. They decided to go ahead anyway and the Seconline factory went into production of all their requested security products.

Star Track Express as per usual arrived at our factory to collect the day’s dispatch on the 23rd. We were not confident that this order would be delivered prior to New Year as many employees of Star Track Express and their depots would be on skeleton staff during this period. Expectations of this delivery from our factory at Mudgee, central west New South Wales, into most areas of Sydney during non-peak times would be usually overnight, if not within 48 hours, to some of the outlying suburbs. This delivery was sent two days before Christmas which is their absolute number-one peak time for the entire year.

To our pleasant surprise this frightened couple received their order on the morning of 24th December and had it fully installed that afternoon. Their phone call to our support staff was one of the most pleasing we have received in a long time, given our expectations were exceeded as well as theirs. Everything fitted perfectly and the whole installation took place very simply and very effectively. Their obvious feelings of security had now been somewhat restored and their gratitude to Seconline immense.

In closing I would just like to thank all the team at Star Track Express for their efforts during this very busy period. Little did they know just how much it meant to this very frightened couple and the difference it made to their Christmas given the events of the previous Friday.

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