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Winter Insects

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During the summer months in Australia insects in many forms are quite prolific, particularly in coastal and areas that have greater rainfall. As winter approaches insects will diminish to a very small percentage of their numbers that were present during the warmer months. Winter generally starts with a vengeance around May and will usually not show any signs of abating until sometimes as late as mid-September. Spring can come early, and this can be if conditions are right, as early as mid-August which theoretically is still the last month of winter.

During the winter months flies that were persistent and annoying in the summer months will not be nearly as prolific; however, when the Sunday roast is on it will attract the odd blowfly. Cooking smells of all types will attract insects that use decaying matter to lay their eggs for reproduction. The thought of a blowfly crawling across our eating utensils as well as our food after they have perhaps crawled across the decaying faeces of our family pet does somewhat make our stomachs cringe.

Rest assured, summer will return. The sound of a blowfly buzzing around our screen doors and insect screens attracted by the wonderful cooking smells emitting from our homes and stoves is a sure sign that the spring has returned and in a very short period of time so will all the insects that have laid dormant through the winter months. Generally after the first three or four warmer days the ground will warm up slightly and this will encourage the grass to grow, which will provide the perfect habitat for a range of insects to come out of hibernation and regenerate.

At this point also blossoms will sprout on all deciduous trees at the precise time that nature intended and also will attract a host of pollen-seeking insects. This is a very busy time of the year for all of nature as it descends from its dormancy created by the colder months of winter and will be the most active time of the year for most plants and insects.

During the winter months nearly all windows and doors will be closed to keep in the warmth and keep out the bitter cold. Your home will be a haven for any particular insect that can gain entry so as to spend the winter with you. Spiders are a classic example of an opportunity-seeking creature that will look to find any entry point to enjoy a better temperature.

This is another reason why maintaining your insect screens and security screen doors during these months is very important. It is wise to not leave your screen doors open but allow them to be closed and the automatic closes left in the unengaged position so as to ensure the screen doors close after every entry and exit. It can be a very complacent habit to leave screen doors open during these periods simply because the main door is closed and insects are not the problem they are during the summer when the necessity for having the main door open is needed.

Small holes in insect screens and security screens or ill-fitting doors and screens will allow access to all types of crawling spiders and insects as well as blowflies and other insects that will come to life during the main warmth of the day when they are attracted by general living skills within the home.

Winter is the best time to do non-seasonal work to your home as generally most companies that produce summer-related products such as security doors and insect screens will be significantly less busy and therefore your attention received by these companies will be much greater. You also may find prices more attractive or at least be able to secure last summer’s price as price increases will most likely be at the beginning of the warmer months.

At Seconline we encourage all of our customers to take advantage of the dormant winter months to either renew or carry out any maintenance that may be required during this period. To take advantage please visit our website:

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