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Bottom Bug Seals

Bottom Bug SealsBottom Bug Seals

Seconline's colour matched bottom bug seals can now be easily selected when purchasing your screen door with a handy tick box now available when entering your door measurements.

The purpose of a bottom bug seal is to eliminate gaps at the bottom of the door.

Gaps can appear due to many reasons; brick or tile mortar gaps, wear on wooden sills, and uneven door jamb. Crawling insects can simply pass under the door through these gaps. To eliminate the problem, simply and easily install a bug seal to your door.

Seconline bug seals are extremely easy to install:

  1. Close your door, this will allow the bug seal to sit at a relaxed position with fibres facing down.

  2. With a marker pen or pencil make a mark on either end of the seal just above on the door.

  3. Peel back the plastic on the outer side of the self-adhesive tape and place over marks, making sure to cover small pencil marks.

  4. Open and closed the door to make sure there is no restriction.

Once you are happy with the position of the bug seal apply pressure to maintain ensure adhesive bond. If this door has an extremely high traffic flow, then additional fixing may be need in the form of rivets or screws.

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