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Fly Screen Centre Bars

Seconline fly screens are now available with even more mesh, frame colour and size options than before!

At Seconline we install centre strength bars on any screen over 1000 mm in width or height; this bar is 18.6 mm wide and is black to match the mesh.

Fly Screen Centre BarFly Screen Centre Bar
Fly Screen Centre Bar2Fly Screen Centre Bar2

Here's why:

Fly frame arrives at our factory in 5 metre lengths and is curved! The curve in the frame is so that when we pull the mesh tight during installation the frame will only straighten and not bow inward.

With a large screen (over 1000 mm) to achieve the necessary tightness in the mesh without the frame bowing inward we install a centre strength bar; this ensures your screen is straight and true to size with tight, clean fitting mesh and looks great!

While centre strength bars add a definite measure of robust strength to a fly screen it has come to our attention that these centre strength bars can be a visual hazard, and we do offer our customers the option of manufacturing the screen without them, just make a note in the delivery instructions field at the cart or email the office after placing your order:

But, take note of the information above, the mesh may not be fitted as tightly as it could be if the centre strength bar was installed as we will always avoid the frame bowing inward as a top priority!

With skilful manufacturing and fly meshing, a great result can still be achieved in most cases if removing the centre strength bar is required. If we feel that we cannot achieve a confident product will then we will contact you to discuss possible options.

Fly Screen MidrailFly Screen Midrail

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