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Centre Opening Double Stacker Doors

At Seconline we make a wide range of Security/Barrier Sliding Screen Doors. The most requested type of door is a single Sliding Security Screen Door, however there are many other variations that we manufacture here at our factory in New South Wales in the beautiful seaside suburb of Redhead in Newcastle.

The next most requested type of Sliding Security Screen Doors would be Centre Opening Sliding Security Screen Doors. These are usually requested for application with two fixed glass panels located at both the left and right and the two glass doors meet in the middle in the fully closed position. Usually one of the glass doors will be the active door with the lock fitted to it and the other door will be called the non-active, however will have the ability to be able to slide right back behind the glass fix panel as will the active door.

Another variety of centre opening Sliding Stacker Doors is the Double Centre Opening Sliding Stacker style doors. The usual configuration is to have to glass fixed panel on the far left and the far right and two interlocking glass doors on the left and two interlocking glass doors on the right that will slide back behind the fixed glass panel to reveal a much larger opening.

Measuring Double Sliding Stacker Security Screen Centre Opening Doors is not that difficult provided there is tracking for the doors to slide on. If there is not a provision for external tracking then the ability to be able to install Sliding Security Screens will become more difficult however not impossible. Tracking will have to be installed. Where tracking is provided it is reasonably simple to measure and install Sliding Security Screens to Double Centre Opening Sliding Stacker Doors.

Measuring the widths: Measure from the glass receiving interlock located on the fix glass panel on either side of the centre opening doors. The receiving interlock is to provide a stop for door on either side so as to locate it into the fully closed or locked position. Measure from the outside of the interlock on the left-hand side all the way across to the outside of the receiving interlock on the right-hand side add 140 mm to this measurement and divide into four. These four individual measurements will be your new individual door width measurements.

Measuring four drops: There really is no basic difference in measuring the drops for a single door or a set of multiple doors. Simply measure from the top of the bottom track to the bottom of the top track and deduct 12 mm. You will need to take this measurement at many points along the track so as to satisfy yourself that there are no great variations in the distance between these two points. If you find that there are more than 5 mm difference from one into the track to the other than it would suggest that there is an issue with your installation of your existing Centre Opening Sliding Stacker Glass Doors and you will need to modify or fit additional tracking to make the tracks somewhat parallel. Sliding doors need to have top and bottom rollers that are fitted to somewhat parallel tracks.

Measuring for the lock. Again no discernible difference as there is only one lock. It is most important that you view the measuring procedure from outside looking in and have the active Sliding Stacker Security Screen Door as a mirror image of the internal Glass Sliding Stacker Doors. In other words if you are standing on the outside and your glass door lock is on the right-hand side then you will need to have your sliding’s active door also on the right. The lock will be located on the left hand side of this right-hand door. To measure for above the existing glass door lock simply measure from the top of the bottom track to the top of the existing glass door handle height and add 125 mm.

For locks below the existing glass active door simply measure from the bottom of the top track up to the equivalent height of the bottom of the glass active door lock and deduct 60 mm.

To purchase your Centre Opening Sliding Stacker Screen doors contact Seconline today for a quote 1300 735 405.


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