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Fitting Pet Doors to Security Doors

Small Pet DoorSmall Pet Door

The family pet is a valued member of the family and in lots of cases is very welcome inside. They can be very annoying if they have to be allowed access manually, particularly in times of distress. Storms, thunder, cars backfiring and loud noises in general can tend to stress our canine friends. Cats are not necessarily as prone to noise distress as dogs are; however, some may be. It is a given that we would like to have our pets live with this and have access without having to scratch the door, bark, meow or simply come up with their own inventive way of gaining your attention when you least need to be disturbed. A pussycat door or a doggy door can eliminate a heck of a lot of this inconvenience; however, not all doors will be compatible for the installation of a pet door.

Some doggy doors will be big enough to allow a small person to have access. This is not the case with small cats; however, it will allow some form of access to or through the door. With woven 316 Marine grade stainless steel it will diminish the integrity of the mesh. In other words it will weaken the mesh. If that outer perimeter is broken for the purpose of inserting a pet door then it will immediately allow de-tension to occur. These doors are designed for the purpose of medium- to high-level security protection and the installation of a pet door whether it be small or large will certainly diminish this.

Seconline offer the option to install pet doors into all our security and barrier doors; that said as specified in the previous paragraph they will diminish the security of the door.

Insect security/barrier grilles can be installed to most windows. It is also possible to install pet doors to security screen windows. Again it is not advisable to install pet doors to a woven steel mesh security insect screen for the same reasons as above. If you did desire to have a pet door installed to a window screen then again we would suggest that you have it installed to a 7mm diamond screen. This will give you an additional level of protection that a fly screen will not; however, it will also allow you to have your precious pet gain access through the window.

Pet doors used at Seconline are made by Petway. They operate with a single Perspex flap hinged at the top with a small magnet located at the bottom to make sure that this locates in the closed position when not in use and also in windy conditions. Consideration as to the location of your pet door in relation to this Perspex flap is important particularly if you decide to have it on a sliding door. It is nearly always the most logical conclusion to have your pet door located underneath the lock whether the lock be on the left-hand side or the right-hand side of any door, both hinged and sliding. It is particularly important with a slider as it enables you to open the sliding door back just enough to allow the pet door to operate correctly. This can be varied; however, we will need to be instructed as to your precise chosen location. If you do not instruct us then we will simply install directly underneath the lock side at the bottom.

If at any point you require any additional information in regard to pet doors, such as the size of your dog in relation to the pet door, then don’t hesitate to contact us;, 1300 735 405.

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