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Do You Feel Safe?

We live in a time of increasing levels of violence. Due to the drug epidemic that is rampant in our society at the moment there is an ever-increasing need to have our homes and our belongings protected. Under the influence of illegal drugs and the necessity for money to fund their addictions, people who would normally never entertain the idea of stooping so low as to breaking into another person's home or attempt any type of extortion theft or violence will do just about anything when their need for drugs has totally distorted their basic level of sense of right and wrong. Under these conditions people will do just about anything to secure their next fix under the incredible physical need that is placed upon them by addiction.

Feeling safe in your own home is a basic entitlement that has been eroded in the last three decades to a point where it is now impossible to say that any area can be considered free from the scourge of addicted people who are willing to prey on unsuspecting and naive people who will maybe have goods that may be traded for money to fuel their burning desire. To say or suggest that it will never happen to me is foolhardy in the least. If you do not make the proper preparations to make your home as safe as you possibly can then you are exposing your precious possessions and your loved ones to a risk that is very, very real and possibly preventable.

Prevention of a possible break-in is a far better undertaking than to be confronted by the possible outcome of discovering your home violated or, God forbid, that you would be in the home at the time that your house is being violated for the purpose of gaining revenue to fund someone's addiction. This may be a very unlikely event in your mind and one that you might not want to consider possible and that is only natural; however, prevention is better than cure and to take some steps to protect your belongings and loved ones is in my view a significantly better option than being in denial and doing nothing.

Possible steps to prevent break-ins that you may consider and will go a long way to deterring a would-be thief are things like window locks on all your external windows. These can in most cases make it possible to lock the window in the slightly open position as well as the fully closed position. Window locks are not expensive and can be installed by the DIY person or by engaging a professional. Other  measures can be a little more expensive but will offer a greater level of protection, particularly with windows that are kept wide open. These would be to install woven steel security grilles to all the windows, three-point lock security doors to your external hinged doors and security doors with interlocks to all your sliding glass doors.

At Seconline we offer direct to the DIY or your handymen an opportunity to go to our website and purchase a wide range of custom-made security window screens and security screen doors online that will increase the level of security door to your home at a very affordable price. You can elect to install them yourself or engage a handyman or builder to do the installation.  We have a full range of both 316 Marine grade stainless steel and Alu-Gard Edge security screen doors

Also available are 7mm diamond grilles which are more affordable than the woven steel mesh products; however, they are not as resistant to intruders as the 7mm mesh can allow for greater leverage simply because a would-be intruder could possibly put their hands into the mesh which would give them the ability to perhaps extend pressure so as to pull the mesh from its frame. This is not possible with woven steel mesh simply because of the nature of the mesh being similar to fly screen and would not allow any penetration without extreme violation.

As previously stated we believe that prevention is simply a much better option than the alternative which is to do nothing. If you can offer a greater level of  actual deterrent to a would-be thief then you may just avoid the devastation of being violated by a drug-related break-in. The feeling of being safe may not be as expensive as you think and prove to be well worth the cost.

Contact Seconline today to request a quote or go online to see the full range of Seconline Security Screen Doors and Window Screens.

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