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Seconline Accessories

Seconline - AccessoriesSeconline - Accessories

At Seconline we pride ourselves on our custom made Security and Barrier Doors, Security Screens and Insect Screens. It has become evident that we have a need to add additional products to our range based on popular request from our valued customers. Our range of accessories can be purchased in addition to our existing products at Step3. as you proceed through the product builder. The following items are available:

  • Doric Door closer: These door closes are available in four colours Black, White and Primrose. They may be the solution to your door closing issues. If someone goes through your Security/Barrier Door then you can be assured that it will close if adjusted correctly. They are easy to install with full instructions and have an adjustment screw for the correct speed of closing. They come with all the brackets and screws necessary to install.

  • Bottom Bug Seal: 16 mm black fringe pile attached to aluminium powder coated extrusion. The bug seal is fitted to the bottom of your screen door to prevent crawling insects entering your home.

  • Hinge Packers: Hinge packers are used to minimise gaps on the lock side of your door, preventing locks failing to adequately catch.

  • Perspex Screen Guards: This Perspex Guard protects the internal snib from outside tampering when using fly mesh and are avilable to purchase with our Diamond + Fly screen doors.

  • Petway Pet Doors: Three sizes in various colours.

  • PVC Turnbuckles: Use this item when face fixing your Seconline fly screen to the face of your window frame.

  • Sliding Door Closer: The Inventco Water Door Closer quietly and consistently closes your sliding doors for you by suppressing the closing speed of the door, resulting in a gently latching action.

And many more!

Having these additional products online gives our customers the ability to be able to if they so require purchase a brand new custom made security door for example and at the same time include an additional lock and perhaps a door closer. They can also purchase additional cylinders that can be used to key alike locked to the new door and have them delivered at the same time. If at any time you need advice regarding any of the extras available on the Seconline website then help is only a phone call or an email away to our support staff. At Seconline we have support staff from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm Monday to Friday EST.

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