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Australian Standards for Security Screen Doors

At Seconline we take your safety very seriously, which is why our security screen doors meet and often exceed the Australian standards.

AS 5039-2008 Security Screen Door and Security Window Grilles is the main Australian standard relating to security doors, which calls up AS 5041-2003 Methods of Test - Security screen doors and window grilles. These methods test for a strong defence against intruders, through durable materials and a product design that can withstand attacks. Here are just some of the tests that Seconline products pass at independent NATA-accredited laboratories:

The Dynamic Impact Test

This test is designed to simulate an intruder’s kicks to the screen door. To test, a 36-46 kilogram bag is swung at the panel delivering 100 joules of energy, repeated five times to represent repeated attacks.

Seconline security doors feature an ingenious load locking design that locks down on the mesh if the panel is impacted. Independent NATA laboratories have tested this system and found it to exceed the Australian dynamic impact testing standard.

The Knife Shear Test

Screens are tested for material hardness and tensile strength, using a knife to draw across the screen three times to simulate a repeated knife attack. The test is passed if a continuous cut of 15cm or greater does not occur.

Seconline security doors pass this test thanks to the durability of 316 marine grade stainless steel, while our galvanised steel mesh (while not suitable for coastal areas) is even tougher.

The Salt Spray Test

This assessment tests a product’s durability against corrosive elements, ensuring that it will perform for a sustained time. Security doors and screens must resist a set minimum number of hours in an accelerated weathering test without showing any signs of corrosion, representing years of normal use.

Our security doors are proven to pass this test, meaning the product will continue to look great and perform well for years to come.

Lock and Hinge Lever Test

This assessment tests the strength of locks and hinges against an attack with a screwdriver used as leverage. Seconline security doors pass with flying colours thanks to their strong fittings and design.

You can be sure that with Seconline’s security door products, your family can be safe and sound. Get in touch today with your order and rest assured that your house will soon be more secure.


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