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Double Screen Doors

Seconline manufacture and sell double screen doors in both hinged and sliding options. Australian made and built to provide both security and value, our doors meet Australian standards and are retailed at competitive prices. All doors are designed for easy installation and are deliverable to all Australian homes. 


Types Of Seconline Double Doors

Hinged doors generally have one active door which contains the lock's and one non-active door that would have internally installed flush bolts that operate with one central chrome lever that once activated push a vertical rod up through the head of the door jamb, simultaneously pushing a vertical locking rod down into the door sill locking the door both top and bottom. The active door then closes onto the non-active door completely covering up any of the locking strikers.

In the case of sliding double screen doors the same applies in that there is one active and one non-active door. The active door containing the lock and the non-active door containing a H channel receiver.

Full information on how to measure and install is available by simply clicking on the red DIY info centre at the top of any page on the Seconline site. Again, full instructions on how to measure and install are available by clicking on the DIY info centre.