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Diamond Grill Security Doors

7 mm diamond doors have been the traditional way of securing the front doors of our homes through most of the latter part of the last century and still are considered a good and strong barrier door for a home. It is hard to now compare them with stronger doors such as Defendoor woven 316 marine grade stainless steel doors and the PERFGUARD perforated aluminium doors that have been designed to withstand much greater impacts, however they still represent a very good value for money barrier safety door that will give you many years of great service.

These can be manufactured with standard black fiberglass mesh or upgraded to the super strong Pet Proof mesh or if you live in an area where there are infestations of Midge (sandflies) or if you live on a farm where small insects can be attracted by bright lights in the summer months, then our Midge Mesh option could be a great solution. These doors can be upgraded to increase their strength by choosing a three point locking system option and with that would come 3 inches effectively fix the door at six points.

Diamond Grill Security Door Installation

Tips on instructions on installation are available in our DIY center, if you require more assistance call us and one of our friendly staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.