Installing Corner Sliding Stacker Doors


For installation where existing tracks are present use following steps:


Step 1: You will receive four doors. The locking door should be 10mm smaller than all others and it will have the lock installed.

Step 2: Place two of the doors without locks onto the inner tracks (this should place them next to each fixed glass panel one on the left and one on the right) and using bottom rollers only adjust until they line up perfectly parallel with the receiving interlock on the fixed glass panel. Do not adjust the top rollers at this point.

Step 3: Install frame interlocks to the back of both of these doors using the 5 x 5/32 rivets. Roll the doors back and forth to make sure that frame interlock connects cleanly with the receiving interlocks on the fixed glass panels.

Step 4: Place the two remaining doors onto the outer tracks and bring them into the fully closed position (that is with the two doors in the 90° locking position).

Step 5: Adjust bottom rollers until the door with the lock and the door receiving the lock are perfectly square with each other. Using the rivets provided attach the U channel to the inside edge of the face of the receiving door making sure that it is parallel to the outside edge.  

Step 6: From the outside position with the lock striker receiver mounted in the lock, roll the doors into the closed position and mark side, top, and bottom of lock striker receiver as it sits in the receiving channel. Remove lock striker receiver and line up to the marks. Drill the top hole only in the centre of elongation with a 3 mm drill bit. Now fix the lock striker receiver to the receiving channel and adjust accordingly. Once the lock has been tested and is functioning correctly then drill and install the bottom screw.   

Step 7: With the two doors on the outer track are locked together, roll the two non locking doors on the inner track into their interlocked position (this should have all four doors in the closed position with the frame interlocks of two non locking doors on the inner track connecting with the receiving interlocks on the fixed glass panels).

Note: The door frames of the doors on the inner tracks and the doors on the outer tracks should now line up one behind the other.

Step 8: Make a vertical mark on the inner track door frames both top and bottom to indicate the back of the doors where the frame interlock will be installed. Slide back the inner doors and install the receiving interlocks to the face of the inner track doors where marks are indicated.

Step 9: Return the doors to the closed position and install the frame interlock to the back of the outer track doors.

Step 10: Now open the outer track doors, they should connect with the inner track doors and push both doors towards the fixed panel into the fully open position. Now pull the outer track doors into the closed locking position which should effectively interlock with the inner track doors pulling both doors into the closed position. By the time the doors reach the fully closed position they should have all interlocked into each other as well as the fixed glass panel.

Step 11: Once the locking mechanism and interlocks are functioning correctly go inside and adjust the top rollers to take any up-and-down movement out of all doors. Slide doors to the fully open position and then into the closed position several times to ensure proper function.