Corner Sliding Stacker Doors

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Alfresco sliding corner stacking doors

Most Australian homes have a sheltered outdoor area utilised for entertaining and additional living space. In recent years builders and architects have incorporated into modern homes an alfresco area that in some cases have an L-shaped or corner sliding stacker doors that allow the doors to be drawn back during the summer months to open up the internal living area to the external areas. This usually consists of four sliding glass doors meeting at 90°, however there can in some cases be six sliding glass panels. In both cases all sliding doors will slide behind a fixed glass panel on either side.

These alfresco styled areas allow us to take maximum advantage of our outdoor living areas, enabling much more flexibility for general living. This can make a functional entertaining area which previously would have been divided, however with the ability to slide back two thirds of the glassed section and open up this area we can create a versatile space for all occasions.


Most modern glass sliding corner stacker doors will have tracking for sliding screen  doors. The screens themselves may not be provided by the builder or the owner may wish to upgrade existing fly doors to create a more secure solution while allowing for more fresh air without the bother of Australia's many prolific flying and crawling insects.


In most cases tracking will be provided; if not, then tracking can be installed which Seconline can supply. However this will increase the difficulty of a DIY installation and it may be prudent to have a professional carry out this work prior to the installation of your screen doors.


If you already have tracks installed you will have two tracks; an inner track and an outer track that will meet at 90° where the doors are to meet when in the fully locked closed position.


TOP TRACK                                                                                              BOTTOM TRACK



Inner Track: The inner track is for the two doors which will interlock with the fixed glass panels.


Outer Track: The outer track is for the doors that will meet together at 90° and lock. One door will have the lock and the other will have a receiving channel fixed to the face of the frame to house the locking latch and receive the door with the lock.


The doors on the inner track will connect to the doors on the outer track by means of a receiving interlock and a frame interlock thus allowing for the doors on the outer track to pull or push the doors on the inner track into the fully open or fully closed position with one action.


Both the receiving and frame interlocks must installed and adjusted on-site during installation to ensure a smooth motion. Both are riveted in place; all interlocks and rivets are included with doors purchased from Seconline.


If measured and installed correctly these doors will lock at the 90° meeting point and will interlock where the inner and outer doors overlap and to the fixed glass panel.



When it comes to measuring for sliding corner stacker screen doors it is imperative that you measure correctly. Deductions must be made in consideration of the rollers and the interlocking system. Full measuring instructions can be found in the DIY centre of the Seconline site.


Measuring alfresco sliding corner stackers

Installing alfresco sliding corner stackers


We encourage you to thoroughly read through the guides and call us if you are unsure of anything during the measuring process.