Heavy Duty DVA - Our answer to one-way vision mesh

22 Mar 2018

Heavy Duty DVA 

Up until now the only answer to allowing a greater measure of privacy to a screen door was to use a product called DVA mesh which is also sometimes referred to as One Way Vision Mesh.  DVA is very light and soft in structure and was never ever considered as security product given its light composition. DVA mesh is only .5 mm in thickness and could never be used on it’s own as it is not simply not strong enough and so subsequently would have to be used with a 7mm diamond or cast type grille to give it the structural support and rigidity required. The fact that an additional grille was needed also created a noise rattle issue in wind and when the door was used. Also DVA mesh  can easily be dented or damaged.

The one way vision provided by DVA mesh was conditional upon the correct light being applied. This being that the internal light needed to be significantly darker than the outside where the vision was to be impeded. In other words looking from darker to lighter and If these conditions were not met then it diminished its effectiveness and in some cases will cause the reverse to happen. For example, DVA mesh is usually used for a front door to give a degree of privacy and if in fact it was darker outside and lighter inside which would be the case in most evenings and if an outside light was not able to be applied then the result could be that the person on the inside answering the door could be seen quite easily and the person outside hidden. This could be quite frightening and counter to what the product was originally purchased for.

Now Seconline are introducing a new product to their range that will in some way resolve the negative issues that exist with standard DVA mesh. This product is called Heavy Duty DVA and is a product of Aluminum Specialties. Heavy Duty DVA  screens utilise a strong (1.6mm thick) aluminium sheet that is perforated and powder coated in Australia to exacting standards. This mesh,  like DVA mesh also works by limiting the field of vision for people on the outside looking in and just like DVA mesh, Heavy Duty DVA  also requires that there is correct lighting allowing a person on the inside to see outside and not be seen from the visitor’sHeavy Duty DVA  side and also will allow the reverse to occur if the light is reversed albeit to a lesser extent given the mesh is significantly thicker.  

Heavy Duty DVA  provides security, privacy and strength, as well as being corrosion resistant and looks great as it does not require the additional grille to give it support. Heavy Duty DVA  will reduce air flow compared to woven 316 marine grade stainless steel,  standard fly mesh, and DVA mesh, however it will drastically restrict vision and in the correct light whilst increasing safety which makes this a very unique product for many applications.

Bushfire Prone Areas: Heavy Duty DVA  complies with the mesh aperture for screening of openable parts to doors and windows up to BAL-29 conditions.

Heavy Duty DVA is black in colour and at Seconline we provide 22 standard frame colour choices as well as an opportunity to powder coat to and Dulux colour for an additional cost. Heavy Duty DVA  can now be ordered at Seconline to our customers exact measurements for both sliding and hinged doors and shipped direct to their front door in superfast times. Three point locking can be added for additional strength as well.  Help and is also available through the Seconline website, online chat or by calling direct on 1300 735 405 between 8am to 4pm eastern standard time.

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